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Safest Types Of Window Locks To Buy & From Where To Buy Them

Windows are an essential part of your home or office building. But you should not forget that they can also give access to the invaders. And with 2.5 million (average) burglaries happening in the US every year, there is a need to upgrade the window locks.
Fortunately, there is a vast variety of window locks available. Some of them are fitting for specific window types, whereas others are for all types of windows. 

Window Locks And Their Types

Window locks help in keeping your property safe and secure. These locks keep away the invaders and restrict their entry inside your home or office. Children tend to mischief, and this can also result in any unfortunate event like a fall. But, with window locks, you can prevent a child from opening the window wide enough. Also, these locks are durable and can last for years without breaking.

The market is full of various types of window locks. Choosing the most suitable one can be perplexing. So, we have created a list of the most commonly used window lock types:

Handle Locks


You may find this type of lock mostly in awning or hopper windows. When the handle is horizontal, it means that the window is locked. On the other hand, if it is vertical, the window is unlocked.

There is a horde of handle lock varieties you can come across. A majority of these locks have a distinctive look. Some of them come with a low profile, and they are not able to stick out through your curtains or blinds.

Keyed Window Locks


Keyed locks are the type of window locks that you can open and close using a key. These types of locks are more robust and offer extra security in comparison with other window locks. Generally, a keyed lock is combined with another type of lock that helps in giving better security. Furthermore, these window locks function well with a sliding window.

Those having keyed locks must keep their keys carefully; otherwise, they may get lost, and there can be a more complex situation.



Window latches are commonly used in single-hung or double-hung windows. They come in a simple design and join two sashes of the window together.

These latches are placed at the very top of your window sash. It locks the sashes in position. So, it mustn’t be your sole security means. Ensure to pair window patches with other security means.



Padlocks are another very common window lock in the list. Most homes or businesses use these locks on their premises. These are generally fastened to the window frame and secured with a key combination.

With padlocks, you can get extra security, and they are a low-priced solution if you are seeking a fast and easy locking system. These locks are available in varying shapes, colors, and sizes. So, go for the one that fits all your needs.

Lag Screw Locks


These are among the most reasonably priced locks you can look for. For most people, these are a preferable choice due to their cost and the kind of security it offers. Also, installing these locks is easier; you can install them on your own. You just need to drill a few holes in your window frame and place the lag screws. After that, tighten them using washers.

Since this offers an extra level of protection, it shouldn’t be your sole means of security. Make sure that you have other types of locks or security methods to combine with the lag screw.

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Hinged Wedge Lock


Go for a hinged wedge lock to get complete control over how your window is open. Hinged wedge locks are ideal for a home with children or pets. Small children and pets tend to fall out of a window while playing close to them.

The window will open only slightly when you pull the lock away from it. It ensures that you have complete control over the air circulation within your space. Also, you can even control the safety level of your windows.

Swivel Action Lock


It is a window lock type that can be fit over the window sash to place it in position. It works by a swivel action that is activated while the window is closed or locked. The swivel action, when activated, lets a person open the window from the outside.

A swivel action lock is easy to install and comes in various materials. It lets you personalize the installation procedure according to your specific requirements.

Proper Installation Of The Window Locks

You cannot expect complete protection if the window locks are not installed correctly. When there is improper installation of window locks, the intruders can easily gain access to your apartment or office building.

There is an instruction manual that you get with a particular type of window lock. So, you must read the given instructions wisely and install the window locks properly.

If you want your window locks to be correctly installed, reach out to a reliable window installation service provider. Call the Safety Locksmith to get the best window lock installation service.

What Are The Different Window Lock Quality Grades?

While purchasing locks for your home or office windows, always check the ANSI lock grades. ANSI is the acronym for American National Standard Institute.

Following are the grades on which we determine the quality of a window lock:

  • Grade 1

This is the highest rating for window locks. It signifies the utmost quality, and these are the safest ones. But, a majority of Grade 1 window locks are costly.

  • Grade 2

Most of the window locks fall under the Grade 2 rating. These locks will surely keep a property safe. However, they still cannot match the level of Grade 1 locks.

  • Grade 3

Grade 3 locks are very basic but suitable for pairing other locks that are of Grade 1 and Grade 2 rating. If you are looking for anything less costly, you can go for a Grade 3 window lock.


Window locks come in various types and grades, ranging from the lowest to the highest. While you shop for window locks, it is essential to consider both the types and grades. Since different window lock types assure differing levels of protection, it is best to go for the one that caters to all your needs.

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Safest Types Of Window Locks To Buy & From Where To Buy Them

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