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Window Gates

Protect your place from theft and robbery with our long-lasting window gates. We offer a wide range of gates for home windows and entrances. Our store has gates of different designs, shapes, and sizes. We measure the window size during installation to make the gate fit properly. Get our expert help in selecting the right window gate. Call 212-534-7547 for a free consultation.

Window Gate

  • This window gate is made from wood and wrought-finished iron. The frame of this gate is painted skillfully.
  • On the back side, it has durable D-rings that help in-wall mounting. It also includes mounting hardware like anchors and screws.
  • Dimensions of this window gate are 61.5”(Length) x 41” (width) x 1.75’ (thick).
  • The overall weight of this gate is 20 pounds. An exterior frame has a side grip that holds it in position.
  • It is suitable for different size windows of homes and offices.

Folding Gates

  • It is a Bi-folding gate that is cantilevered on a hinge section. Provides security in terms of physical protection.
  • Offers a smooth opening due to its direct traction on each hinge section.
  • There is also a clip set at the bottom of this folding gate that locks tightly.
  • It has a fencing design that is built with durable iron. The outer covering of the material is rust-resistant.
  • It can be used as the security gate for seaports, airports, and car parking.

Swing Doors

  • These swing doors come in french design with string stile joints. It is available in heights of 38”, 42”, 48”, and 60”.
  • The durable, thickened wood door is 1-⅜ inch and swings in both directions.
  • Different colors are available that suit different home decor.
  • A modern glass panel in both doors adds a unique look to it.

Swing Doors 2

  • Our swing doors 2 are reliable for home and industrial applications. 
  • These doors are designed from stainless steel, brush polished, and decorated glass.
  • It has small glass windows on both sides that give an overview of visitors.
  • In the front, it has alloy handles that offer great grip to hands. This door is also equipped with a modern lock.
  • It is available in different sizes and colors.

Folding Gate 2

  • A folding gate is a secure way to protect the entrance. It is equipped with a slam lock and is automatically activated.
  • It is built with hard aluminum alloy with powder coating. This gate is ideal for security in the coastal region as well.
  • The dimensions of this folding gate are 1800mm (Width) x 2000mm(Height). The overall weight of this gate is 15 pounds.
  • Zig-Zag shape bars are durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • It includes hinges, cover packs, lock keep, mounting plate, and installation guide.

Scroll Design

  • It is an antique gate designed for residential and public buildings.
  • This scroll design gate is built with wrought iron. Inspired by the Victorian style, it adds a vintage look at the entrance.
  • Dimensions of this gate are Depth(0.98”), Width(38.39”), and Height(70.08”). The weight of this scroll design gate is 59 pounds.
  • It has a dual-side hinge that easily fits into the frame and walls.

Folding Gate 3

  • Protect your pets and dogs with our folding gate. It is an attractive security barrier for homes.
  • This gate features a hinge design that fits easily into any doorway. It folds into a secure hallway.
  • It is made from thick wood and supported with metal hinges. The widened slat offers a barrier that keeps the particular area secure.
  • The folding gate 3 is easy to move around and can be arranged in Zig-Zag form.
  • It is suitable for doorways, stairs, ramps, and gates.

Double Gates

  • Our double gate is sturdy and built from wrought iron. The gate secures the area with an advanced locking system.
  • This double-size gate is internally welded and moisture-resistant.
  • There are two side pillars along with hinges that provide support during the opening/closing process.
  • It can be used as an entrance to homes, offices, and public buildings.