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Office Lock-Out? It’s not just you! Don’t be embarrassed. Getting locked out of the office happens with everyone, even with the President! Back in March 2011, President Obama got locked out of the oval office. Continually, ex-president George W. Bush also got locked into a press conference in Beijing.

It’s Monday morning, and you’re heading into your office building. Maybe you are coming back from a lovely long three-day weekend or back from a well-deserved vacation, refreshed and ready for a new work week. Then you reach your office door and realize you left your keys at home or see that management has decided to change the locks while you were out. A groan of disappointment swiftly replaces the ease in your stride as you slowly lose your morning momentum trying to figure out why you can’t get into your office.

Or, maybe it’s been a long day, and you’re the last one out of the office at night; you walk out, and the door slams lock while your keys are still inside.

Not to worry, Safety Lockout NYC is only a phone call away to help with your office lockout crisis. Whatever your emergency lockout predicament, New York City’s top locksmith service, Safety Locksmith, will be there to help you in or out of your office. Any time, day or night, Safety Locksmith in Manhattan offers a 24-hour emergency lockout service so you can keep your momentum going into work or going home. So don’t be held up; call Safety Lockout in New York City.