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Security Systems Cams

Keep an eye on suspicious activities with our advanced security systems cams. We have a huge variety of cameras for residential and business purposes. Our security cameras are weather-resistant, wireless, infrared vision, and motion detector. We also provide installation services for these cameras at an affordable price. To get a free quote, call us today at 212-534-7547.

Weather Resistant Bullet camera

  • This camera’s powerful front lens(4MP) records video at 30fps. It captures clear visuals in H.250 compression during the night.
  • This bullet camera is equipped with night vision to provide 24-hour surveillance.
  • The outer body is built with durable material that works well in different weather. 
  • It has a weather rating of IP67 and operates in a temperature range of -22°F to 140° F.
  • This Bullet camera detects motion by using sensors. It also sends alert notifications when the security zone is triggered.

Wireless Color Nightvision Security Camera

  • Enhance the security of your place with color night vision. Our security camera records the visuals with full-color images in low-light conditions.
  • This camera is designed for outdoor purposes to keep an eye on every moment.
  • A wireless security camera is easily installed at the wall and entrance gate.
  • The powerful front lens records high-resolution videos. This camera’s pixels enhance the visuals’ details during low light.
  • Connect easily with your remote device to access the camera anytime.

Wireless Color Mini Pinhole Covert Camera

  • This mini pinhole covert camera can be used for undercover purposes. It is easily hidden in space and records the visuals with clarity.
  • The wireless security system supports up to 3 cameras separately. You can get an overview of different spaces at a time.
  • A battery or power supply can operate this camera. Supports alternating current(AC) with a regulated voltage.
  • Records the visuals in color and easily installs by connecting the plug-in system. 
  • This covert camera is configured with a computer, TV, VCR, and DVR for recording purposes.

Mini Indoor Camera

  • It is a smart mini camera that provides security to indoor spaces. Its portable size makes it best for homes and small offices.
  • This camera monitors the room and records video in 1080P.
  • It also supports two-way audio and detects motion with advanced sensors.
  • You can communicate with your family with its live conversation mode. A front speaker produces crystal clear output.
  • This mini indoor camera can be set up in minutes. Plug in the camera, connect it to Wi-Fi and follow the guide’s instructions.

B & W Outdoor Camera with infrared LEDs and motion sensors.bmp

  • It is a bullet-shaped camera that records the visuals in Black & White mode.
  • This camera is built with sturdy plastic and works well in heavy rain. 
  • A compatible motion detector sends the alert when someone triggers the zone.
  • The front portion contains a 5MP powerful lens along with infrared LEDs. These LEDs turn on automatically in low light.
  • It is perfect for outdoors to keep an eye on every movement.

Black & White Indoor Camera with Infrared LEDs

  • Get a complete view of the indoors, even in low light. Our high-performing camera captures the visuals in HD quality.
  • Installs easily to the ceiling and walls and covers a 180-degree view.
  • The front lens of this camera is 8MP, with multiple infrared LEDs around it.
  • It records the indoor video in Black & White during the day and night.
  • Easily installed with available mounting screws in the kit. It can be used for homes, offices, and small shops.

Outdoor Color Nightvision Camera

  • This outdoor camera has a CMOS sensor to record ultra-HD videos. 
  • It has a primary camera of 5MP and a 2.8mm wide-angle lens for focus.
  • The outer body of this camera is made from sturdy plastic. This security device also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating.
  • It also supports 24/7 color night vision with no additional adjustment. 
  • The camera is for outdoor use and compatible with TVI/CVI/AHD/Analog DVR.

High Performance, Day & Night Color Bullet Camera

  • This bullet camera captures chromatic images during the night. It supports color recording during the day and night.
  • The front camera is 2MP, which provides high-definition output. It also supports higher pixels when connected with DVR.
  • It has a separate LED to enhance night vision. This camera records videos in 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • The bullet-shaped plastic is weather resistant and IP67-rated.
  • This security camera can be easily installed on walls by following instructions.

B & W Outdoor Camera with infrared LEDs and motion sensors.bmp

  • It is an advanced outdoor camera equipped with the latest motion sensors.
  • This camera records the visuals with a wider angle. The outer covering protects the lens during bad weather.
  • It is equipped with Black & White vision supported by IR LEDs.
  • Records the video in higher resolution with a CCD image sensor.
  • Easy to install with available cable and mounting screws.