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How to choose the right deadbolt lock types (Explained)

Are you looking for the right deadbolt lock types? If yes, whether you want to boost your security or replace the outdated ones, you should look for both sides’ appearance and durability. A lock should be capable of withstanding any physical attack. It should be difficult for the intruder to unlock the lock, even with many keys. There are various types of deadbolt locks available.

However, with many options, choosing the right one is difficult, as many people may not know about deadbolt types and their benefits. Below is a guide on “how to choose the right deadbolt lock types.” Read on!

Overview Of A Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt lock is a robust security mechanism commonly used in homes and businesses for door security. Deadbolts are not like standard locks. They have a spring mechanism that a person can only unlock with a thumbturn or key. It enhances the security against unauthorized entry.

How Does A Deadbolt Lock Works?

You will see a keyhole on the outer side of a deadbolt lock. With the help of this, you can insert the key. A cylinder inside the lock has pins positioned according to their specific position. The pin will be moved to an appropriate position when you insert the right key, which opens the door.

For security, the bolt in the inner portion of the door is pushed inside and out of the frame.

Deadbolts are mostly the popular choice among the people and provide you with maximum security. Owners looking to change their house appearance and office security deadbolts are the right choice. There are many types of deadbolt lock types available.

Types Of Deadbolt Locks

You can have protection through different deadbolt lock types. So, below, we’ve put together a list of the various types of deadbolts that are available that you can use at your house and office to enhance security.

Keyless Deadbolt


The Keyless Deadbolt lock type has no cylinder mechanism and no keyhole. You’ll have a keypad instead. It has a keypad system. To unlock or lock, you have to enter a code or a secret pin. Some deadbolts that are keyless come with a twist knob and a keyhole to unlock the door.

The keyless deadbolt functions through electricity or batteries. You can select one of the ways for your door. It is a type of deadbolt that is a good choice for security as no intruder will know the code or secret PIN until you tell them. Moreover, there will be no physical harm to the lock.

Smart Deadbolt Lock


The smart deadbolt lock is a smart technology that provides high security. The smart deadbolt is similar to a keyless. This lock is used to open the door with a secret pin. You can even lock or unlock the door with the help of your smartphone.

With the help of a smart deadbolt lock, no third person can open the door, as the owner will get the information on their smartphone. Another benefit of having this lock is that if the person forgets that he/she has locked the door, they can check on their smartphone and lock it from anywhere.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt


The single-cylinder deadbolt is the most common deadbolt lock type among people. It’s a type of lock that you attach to the door. With this, you can lock and unlock the door by inserting the right key. Moreover, there is also a twisting doorknob over the keyhole. To unlock the keyhole, you have to twist the doorknob.

Single-cylinder deadbolts protect your house and office from physical attacks. Moreover, no one can forcefully harm the keyholes externally. In addition, these deadbolt lock types are affordable compared to other lock types.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt


A double-cylinder deadbolt is the same as a single-cylinder deadbolt. There’s also a cylinder mechanism that allows the user to open the door with the right key. However, the only difference is there is no twist knob in double-cylinder deadbolts. The twist knobs unlock the door after you have opened the door using the right key. Double-cylinder door locks have no twist knob, so you need a key to unlock the door.

The double-cylinder deadbolt is mounted from each side of the door, exterior, and interior. For the door to be locked and unlocked, you need a key. You’ll get twice as much security and less chance of an intruder getting access to a double-cylinder deadbolt lock.

Lockable Thumb Turn Deadbolt


The Lockable Thumb turn deadbolt combines single and double-cylinder deadbolt mechanisms. Inside, it has a cylinder function, and outside, it has a thumb-turn function for opening and closing the door.

The benefit of this type of deadbolt is that a key is not always necessary. You just have to simply twist the thumb turn to lock the doors. And if there’s a lock on the door, another person won’t be able to unlock it with no key.

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Rim Deadbolt


The Rim deadbolt is not like the other locks. In this, there is no need to have a key to lock. Instead, it is an automatic lock. The Rim Deadbolt is attached to the doors, and a latch is installed on the perimeter. If a bolt is locked, it will jam in the locking mechanism and make opening with no key difficult.

The benefit of a rim deadbolt is that the doors will immediately lock themselves, so you do not have to worry about whether the doors are locked.

Vertical Deadbolt


A vertical deadbolt is a better version of a rim deadbolt. It is also called a Jimmy-proof deadbolt.

The mechanism of the vertical deadbolt is the same as the rim deadbolt. The latch is situated at the corner, and the bolt is fixed to the door. The bolt and latch become entangled immediately, making it impossible to open.

The benefit of these vertical deadbolts is that they are installed at the top, not on the side. That is why it gets difficult for the intruder to try to unlock the door.

Mortise Deadbolt


Before the smart deadbolt locks were invented, mortise deadbolts were the most used lock type in deadbolts. You will find a rectangular metal bolt and a latch system in the mortise deadbolt. With this, you can lock and unlock the door with the help of a key.

Since you can not see the lock system from the outside, it is impossible for an intruder to physically attack the lock. That is why most hotels prefer to have mortise locks because, with these locks, you can unlock them with the tap of a card. Moreover, mortise deadbolts are more costly than cylinder deadbolts because of their advanced security level.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Deadbolt Lock

When buying a deadbolt lock, you should know a few things while choosing a lock. They are:


The owner can lock and unlock the deadbolt from wherever through smart locks. The three communication protocols for deadbolts are:

  • The maximum range is up to 300 feet of Bluetooth.
  • The maximum range is up to 600 feet of Z-Wave, which is six times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi deadbolt locks enable you to lock and unlock the door from wherever.

Security Features

The locks you choose should have these security features that ensure your home and office are safe from physical attacks.

  • Anti-drill
  • Anti-pick
  • Anti-bump

ANSI Lock Standard Ratings

The American National Standards (ANSI) considers the lock’s resilience, latch duration, and durability.

  • The grade 1 type of lock is the highest-graded lock. It is the safest lock and is commonly used for commercial property.
  • Grade 2 types are most commonly used for residential use.

BHMA Lock Standard

The Builder’s Hardware Manufacture Association (BHMA) considers the lock’s longevity, power, finish, and stability.

  • ”AAA” is the finest grade 
  • ”A” is the best 
  • ”B” is the better one
  • ”C” is the good one


As deadbolts are the safest choice in the market in terms of locks, deadbolts are expensive. But each type of deadbolt has a different price. So, choose the one which is under your budget.


At what location do you have to use the lock? It also helps decide which type of deadbolt is right. So, it is better to choose the location before choosing the deadbolt.

Cost Of A Deadbolt Lock

The cost of a deadbolt lock depends on the digital door lock factory. The single cylindrical lock is the least expensive type of deadbolt, costing between $20 and $70. The most costly deadbolts, priced between $50 to $200, are electronic and keyless.


As you now understand different deadbolt lock types, it may get easier for you to choose the right one. Now, you can choose the right lock for your home or office.

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How to choose the right deadbolt lock types (Explained)

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