Safety Locksmith NYC


We cut and duplicate all types of security keys. Our experts have hands-on experience in car and lock keys. We also provide emergency re-key service for different locks. Visit our store to check our variety of keys. Call 212-534-7547 to get a free consultation as per your needs.

Medeco Keys

  • This Medeco key is coated with nickel and weighs 1.44 ounces.
  • The key blank is MDC-45, which fits in the lock easily.
  • It supports dual rotation while unlocking things. A biaxial 6-pin provides keyways while opening the lock.
  • Easily fits in different sizes of modern door locks.

Mul-T-Lock Keys

  • Designed for standard interactive locks to facilitate daily processes.
  • Mul-T-Lock Key has a bronze cylinder that fits the deadlock perfectly.
  • It comes with a magnetic duplication key card in case of any emergency.
  • The upper portion is covered with a rubber cover that acts as a thumb turn.
  • It can be used with high-security cylinder deadbolt locks.

Car Keys

  • Our modern car key is for consumers who want to replace their older automobile keys.
  • The replacement kit includes a combo key and pairing device.
  • The key blade can be customized as per your vehicle’s needs.
  • A smart holding back contains different lock, unlock, horn, and backseat buttons.
  • This car key can be paired with an automobile in a few minutes.

Schlage Keys

  • It works perfectly with all types of Schlage interchangeable locks.
  • A C-type Key section is part of a multi-section keyway system. Easily operated with H & L master sections.
  • Schlage Keys are built from nickel silver and open locks smoothly.
  • Dimensions of this key are 18.03(Length) x 10.16(height) x 3.81(width).

Yardeni Keys

  • Yardeni Keys support different vehicles and are customized easily.
  • It has nickel plated from the bottom while the head is of sturdy rubber.
  • Easily paired with different vehicle locks. 
  • The material used is coated with water-resistant powder.
  • Kit includes a pair of Yardeni keys and a supported vehicle list.

Yale Keys

  • The Yale key is the uncut blank key that supports different deadbolts and regular locks.
  • It is built from pure nickel silver. 
  • This key comes in a 6 Pin package of dimensions 2.7 cm(length) x 13 cm(height) x 6 cm(width).
  • At the top, it has Yale branding along with a ring. It helps in storing the key blank in a safe place.

Nabob Keys

  • It is a Silca JMA keyline that easily fits in a universal lock.
  • This Nabob key is built with nickel plate steel. The key is suited to cylindrical GEN as well.
  • The dimensions of its blade are 27.3 mm(Length) and 8.3mm(Width).
  • It comes with an extra copy key blank for emergencies.
  • This key is suitable for household and store entrance locks.