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Home Lock Out NYC

Since 1970 Safety Locksmith NYC has been helping the New York City area residents with their home security needs. One of the most common services is home lockouts. Our professional technicians make sure that you not only get back into your home, but our work does not end just because you are now in your home. We also work with you to find ways to prevent future lockouts.

People try everything to get into a house when they are locked out. The problem is that they do not realize if they have a secondary way in, so does anybody else. Hiding keys is never a good solution because others can find them. Untrained attempts to pick locks can damage locks and even door structures. Our store can provide you with multiple solutions to fit your needs and budget. In addition, our store boasts one of the best selections for security hardware that can help prevent future issues of lockouts.

Our service teams are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that you are never locked out. Our mission is simple; get you into your home without damage to locks, doors, or windows. Our emergency service has you covered even if a lock has to be replaced. They are trained in all varieties of home security systems. Specialized tools allow them to unlock, replace, re-key, and install deadbolt locks. In addition, garage locks, safes, grate locks, and more can be easily released by our professional service teams.

With a simple call, we dispatch our technicians to come to your home and assess the reason for the lockout. Lockouts are not just caused by forgetting your keys. Locks can become damaged, keys broken, and even structural changes can cause problems getting into your home. Our technicians evaluate the reason for the lockout, and they make sure that the problem is solved beyond the need to access your home. With four decades of experience, we can handle virtually every residential lockout situation.

Lost and stolen keys can be easily duplicated or replaced at our store on the Upper East Side, or you can schedule a technician to come out and re-key all of your outside locks. Using our re-keying service does not matter if someone has access to an old key. They will not be able to unlock the doors once we have made a re-key. No one can beat our locks and knowledge if you want to update your locks. We always focus on the quality of the service we provide to our customers and have got our reputation by providing the best service.