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Types Of Sliding Door Locks You Can Choose For Your Home

Sliding doors can be one of the captivating additions to your home. The ancient Japanese were enormously fond of these doorways. But sliding doors have now become a national architectural standard. Compared to your conventional swinging doors, these are sleeker and add more sophistication.
Installing sliding doors in your home offers many benefits, whether you own a big villa or an apartment flat. So, let us first take a quick glance at these benefits. There are also various locking options available for your sliding doors that we will talk about.
What Are The Benefits Of Installing Sliding Doors?

Many homeowners consider installing sliding doors at their residential premises. Some of the notable benefits of installing sliding doors are as follows:

Allow More Natural Light Inside

When you install a sliding door, it certainly means more natural light will be inside your room. It will also raise the illumination level while lessening artificial lighting throughout the day. Your home will also get a cozier and more alluring vibe.

Also, sliding doors are versatile and create a more expansive image of the surroundings.

Less Noisy And Easy To Maintain

Sliding doors, unlike the regular doors, can’t be smashed. They are less noisy when opened or closed and demand very little maintenance.

These doors are easy to clean, too. You just need a sponge, a soft cloth, and soapy water.

Energy Efficient

Glass sliding doors that are double-paned can help with heat gain or loss. These doors will mainly keep hot air from entering your interior spaces during the hot summer days.

In the cold weather, these doors will trap the internal heat and maintain suitable indoor temperatures throughout the year. Thus, you will be able to lessen the energy consumption of your heating and cooling system.

Enhanced Safety

Earlier, some people believed sliding doors may not be the safest structures in a home. But, with the arrival of toughened glass, the belief has changed. Double-pane toughened glass provides more strength and stability to these doors.

Flexible Structure

Sliding doors can be high or wide as per the homeowner’s need. Thus, this makes moving big furniture in and out of a room easier. Besides that, it lets smooth foot movement during a family gathering or any other event.

What Is A Sliding Door Lock?

A sliding door lock is the safest solution to keep your sliding door and home safe. These locks are mounted atop the door, on the meeting point of the stationary glass and the sliding glass door.

When these locks are installed, it becomes impossible for someone to open the door from the inside or the outside. Most sliding door locks feature two locking positions. These include:

  • The one that’ll lock the door fully closed.
  • The one that’ll allow you to lock the door in position at either 3 or 6 inches open to let in air.

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What Are Different Types Of Sliding Door Locks?

You may find many locks for sliding doors available in various shapes and sizes. Some of them can be very specific to your security needs. Here are some very widespread types of sliding door locks you can install:

Double Bolt Locks


Double bolt locks are easy to install with a sliding glass door. They are mainly used so the door does not lift out of its tracks.

These locks work by interlocking the door to the frame at security points. As a result, it prevents it from moving vertically and sideways.

Mortise Locks


These types of sliding door locks are the most prevalent ones. A majority of sliding doors feature an in-built mortise lock. The whole body of this lock is tucked inside the pocket of the sliding door, giving a sleek look to the door.

Typically, a mortise lock comes with exterior and interior handles, the lock body, and a latch. When you turn the latch, it changes the hook’s position, and the door unlocks. Most sliding door locks are available in non-keyed form, which means you cannot lock or unlock them from the outside.

Track Locks


Track locks can be a great option to save yourself from the hassle of drilling and bolting. These locks are easy to fix on the frame of your sliding glass door and function as an obstruction to restrict any movement. Even if the door is somewhat open, a track lock can easily lock it.

For securing a track lock onto the frame, a thumbscrew is used. Since this type of lock is not so secure compared to others, using two or three-track locks would be good. Use them on your door’s upper as well as the lower rails.

Keyed Locks


When you install a keyed lock, you are able to easily lock and unlock it from the outside. Keyed locks offer the great convenience of regularly using a sliding door. Make sure you use these locks in combination with another lock, as these are specifically vulnerable to thefts.

Smart Locks


Smart locks show a variety of unique features, making them primarily useful. Now, you can replace your keys with keypads and fingerprint scanners. With the sliding door automation, you can elevate your level of accessibility.

Tips To Buy A Sliding Door Lock

Sliding doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house and give easy access to your balcony or patio. But, to keep your home safe from invaders, you must have the right locking system. Below, we have mentioned a few tips for buying the right sliding door lock:

Select the Right Type Of Sliding Door Lock

As we know, different types of sliding door locks have different features. For example, a mortise lock offers the best security, and a smart lock is very convenient. So, you must select the right type of lock, considering your specific needs.

Check For Compatibility

Make sure the lock is compatible with your sliding door before buying it. For that, you need to measure the thickness and height of your door, ensuring that the lock fits accurately.

Consider The Degree Of Security You Want

Do you have a home in an area with a high crime rate? If so, buy a high-security sliding door lock that is capable of withstanding thefts and burglaries. You can consider buying a standard lock if your home is in a low-crime area.

Seek Professional Help

If you are unsure what lock to choose or how to do the installation, you must look for a professional. The professional can suggest the right lock and help install it precisely.

Look For The Extra Features

Extra features like alarms or sensors can help you know when your sliding door is opened. With these features, you can ensure more security in your home. If you want all of these wonderful features, buy locks that are equipped with them.


Installing a certain type of sliding door lock depends on the special requirements of the homeowner. As you have learned a lot about types of sliding door locks, it may now be easier for you to choose the right one. Whenever you buy a new sliding door lock, ensure that it is easily compatible with your door. You can even enjoy the impressive features if you go for a smart lock.

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Types Of Sliding Door Locks You Can Choose For Your Home

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