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What Do You Know About The Various Cabinet Lock Types?

For any home or office premise, cabinet locks are an important element. These are often overlooked, but they are really important. Apart from keeping our valuables safe from burglars, they also help keep away the kids from touching any potentially hazardous item.
There is a horde of cabinet door locks on the market. Every cabinet door lock, whether a smart lock or a combination lock, has its own individuality. It may be confusing to select the ideal option when shopping. But this detailed guide can help! Read further to learn about different cabinet locks and how to choose the best one.

What Are Different Types Of Cabinet Lock?

Cabinet locks are underrated security components. The locks designed for lockers and cabinets are available in various types, and many are suitable for almost every application.

Locks for cabinets might seem to be basic things, but their installation is sometimes taken for granted, which creates problems later on.

The top benefit of having cabinet locks is the extra layer of security that they offer. Valuables like jewelry pieces, electronics, etc, will all be kept safe by adding these incredible locking features. Your space will look more organized, and you can find your belongings easily as you know where they are. Ultimately, there will be minimal chances of any misplacing items.

What Are Different Types Of Cabinet Lock?

When buying a cabinet lock, ensure you are mindful of the various cabinet lock types. Below, we have listed some of the most typical types of cabinet locks you can buy:

Combination Locks


A combination of numbers or letters is what we need to unlock combination cabinet locks. These locks are available in electronic combination, single, and multiple-dial locks. Moreover, touchpad entry and rotating dials attached to internal discs are the most common ways to input the sequence.

Also, keyless combinations do not need any physical key like the conventional locks to open. All you need to do is set a code as per your preference. Combination locks are perfect for gyms, schools, offices, or hospitals.

Cam Locks


Are you searching for something simpler? Then cam locks can be the ideal option for you. Cam locks are affordable, and even the advanced ones cost less than $20. These cabinet locks are intended with a cylindrical base with a keyhole and a metal piece. As you insert the key into the keyhole and turn it, it will turn the cam in the up or down direction. Apart from keeping the cabinets safe, you can use these locks for your furniture and various smaller compartments.

Glass Door Locks


Have you been looking for a lock that can work with your glass door? If yes, go for a glass door lock. You may encounter a large selection of glass door locks matching your needs. More often than not, people seeking glass door locks desire secure backyard or patio doors with a view. That’s why many such cabinet locks are design-focused and will complement the surrounding décor.   

Deadbolt Locks


Undeniably, the most common and cost-effective cabinet locks are deadbolt locks. The locking mechanism of these locks rotates around a cylinder running directly through the door. On the outside, it comprises a keyhole. While you insert a key and turn it with the dial, a bolt within the cylinder will move sideways and protrude into the door frame. As a result, the door is locked.

The doorframe’s strike plate assists in keeping the bolt safe. It even prevents it from breaking through the frame when you apply pressure on the door, for example, in situations like forced entry.

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Push Locks


These locks have a push button to lock and unlock a cabinet. The installation takes place on the cabinet’s door or drawer. Push locks also comprise a spring-loaded button. This button is on the outer side of the cabinet door or drawer.

These are suitable for low-security applications that demand a basic level of security. Besides, they are perfect for securing display cases or cabinets carrying merchandise.

Ratchet Cabinet Lock


Ratchet cabinet locks come with a ratcheting mechanism to secure a cabinet door. The ratcheting mechanism comprises a tiny pawl engaging with a set of teeth on a gear or a wheel. This inhibits the door from unlocking without the right key.

One can open and close the lock without any hassle using a key. This key will fit perfectly into the lock cylinder and turn the wheel to unfasten the pawl from the teeth.

Cylinder Cabinet Lock


This type of cabinet lock is very popular, and you can employ it to secure your drawers and lockers. It is identical to a cam lock but utilizes a cylinder rather than a cam to hold the lock in position. A key is utilized to turn the cylinder. It rotates the plug within the cylinder, connecting the lock mechanism with the strike plate.

Tips To Select The Right Cabinet Door Lock

The right cabinet door lock type you select depends on many aspects. These may include the following:

Installation Requirements

Certain cabinet locks demand a special installation process like drilling or cutting through the cabinet. So, you must see whether the lock installation process is viable for your cabinet.

Security Level

What level of security you need is another factor that will come into play. Also, it will depend on the things you will keep inside the cabinet. If you want to store confidential information or valuable items, you will need a higher level of security. 


You need to see whether the lock is compatible with your cabinet if you want to install a lock to an existing cabinet.


The price range of different cabinet locks may vary depending on the functions and level of security. So, consider all that, along with your budget, before buying a lock for your locker or cabinet.


While selecting a cabinet lock type, you must see whether it is convenient to use or not. If the lock is more complex, you may like to leave the cabinet open most of the time. Hence, this will weaken the purpose of having a cabinet lock.


As you have an understanding of several types of cabinet locks, it may be easier for you to make a decision. Now, you can choose the best locks for your lockers or drawers and enjoy better security.

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What Do You Know About The Various Cabinet Lock Types?

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