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Commercial Door Lock Types & From Where To Buy Them In NYC

The need for security in business can vary depending on the building requirements and many other factors! Your business has so many responsibilities to take. These can be taking care of your valuable inventory or safeguarding the building. Whether your company size is small or big, you need commercial locks that can handle the “high traffic.” Also, it can able to protect your inventory, employees, and daily operations.



Locks are important for security. There are also different types of locks available according to the security requirements. In today’s fast-paced business era, commercial door locks are also gaining immense popularity. Commercial locks provide security against unauthorized access and keep your valuables safe.

In this expert guide, we have discussed  commercial door lock types  so that you can choose as per your requirements. With this, you can make sure that your business is operating efficiently and safely.

Overview Of Commercial Door Lock

Commercial door locks are also known as mechanical or electronic locks. You can use them for commercial purposes. Moreover, they are the right choice for commercial environments like businesses and offices. Commercial locks need to be stronger to fulfill the needs of commercial areas compared to residential home locks. Generally, commercial locks are more convenient, durable, and secure. 

Moreover, these locks come in various grades depending on the reliability and security of the locks. The strength, cost, and durability are the key factors of a commercial door lock. 

Overview Commercial Grade Locks 

Commercial grades are that which confirm the specification and quality of the commercial door locks. Lock grades help the locksmith, owners, and operators to choose the best lock.

Generally, the commercial lock is graded according to: 

  • Application 
  • Security 
  • Material 
  • Finish 
  • Durability 
  • Cycles (how many times the lock has been used)

The commercial door locks are divided into three grades. 

Grade 1

The category of grade 1 lock is the most durable, secure, and strongest. These locks help to maximize security and can resist twice as much as the grade 2 or 3 locks. 

In addition, the Garde 1 locks are suitable for both interior and exterior doors. Hospitals and businesses are some establishments where there is a need for these locks.

Grade 2

The grade 2 commercial lock is a step below grade 1 in terms of durability and security. 

Typically, they are used at both exterior and interior entrances. Exterior entrances include the main gates. On the other hand, interior entryways include storage rooms. 

Grade 3

Grade 3 locks are those locks that are the right choice for all light applications. Generally, you will find these grade 3 locks installed in residential areas like apartments and buildings.

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Benefits Of Commercial Door Locks 

Commercial door locks often have keyless methods. So, that is to provide instant protection against the individuals who try to forcibly enter, here are some of the benefits of commercial door locks: 

  • Combination Of Commercial Door Types Enhances The Security:

With the use of grade 1 and 2 locks, there is no need for the master key. As a property owner or business manager, a combination of commercial doors helps to maintain the level of security. For example, using a keyless lock with the feature of video security on each exterior gate of the building secures the building. Moreover, you can easily find if any individual tries to access it in an unauthorized manner. 

  • Personalize Your Security:

The smart locks and biometric locks provide you the opportunity of ownership over the building. You need credentials like a fingerprint as it is impossible to copy these credentials as both the locks connect with the digital system. It signifies that you can easily update and validate the new credentials. 

Types Of Commercial Door Locks 

Commercial door locks are particularly designed for use in buildings like stores and offices. These locks provide you with control access and security, which ensures safety. There are various types of commercial doors, and each one provides a unique benefit. Below, we have mentioned some of the most common types of commercial door locks: 

Mortise Locks 

Mortise Locks are a popular type of lock that is mostly preferred by commercial buildings. You can expect optimal safety with these locks. They are durable and solid, which is difficult to break off. Moreover, they have a strong design and the ability to tolerate heavy things, which is why it is mostly the go-to choice for businesses. 

Magnetic Lock 

Magnetic locks have a high level of security and are a convenient type of lock. Due to these impressive qualities, they are a popular choice. With the help of an electromagnetic force, it makes the door secure, which makes it impossible to tamper or pick. Commonly, these locks are used in areas where there is a need for a high level of security. These include banks, research facilities, and government facilities. 

Advantages Of Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks provide various advantages: 

  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Compatible 
  • Able to control access 

Cylindrical Lever Locks 

Cylindrical Lever Locks are known for their versatility and durability and are easy to install. These  types of locks  have a mechanism locking system, which can be used for both exterior and interior doors. These locks are the right choice to use in high-traffic areas. In addition, they also offer many security options like electronic access control and keyless entry. 

Electronic Locks 

Electronic locks are the advanced and modern types of commercial locks that enhance convenience and security. These locks use electronic mechanisms like card readers or keypads to get access. Moreover, with the help of the electronic locks, you can get rid of the physical keys, and you can easily and quickly manage the access control. These locks are famous in high-traffic areas, commercial buildings, and apartments. 

Panic Bars 

Panic bars are also called crash bars or push bars. These are the important components for the safety of the commercial building. These are designed in that way so that they can provide you with easy and quick exits. For instance, at the time of emergencies, ensuring the safety of the valuable equipment. 

The main benefit of panic bars is that they provide you with quick access. In areas with high traffic, like commercial buildings, panic bars provide them a way to exit. Even without any need for turning door knobs. Especially at the time of an emergency, where every second counts. 


With the help of the above information, you now get to know that the world of commercial door locks is very extensive. Each lock offers you a unique advantage, has its strength, and meets specific security needs. That is why understanding the different types of commercial locks is important so that you can maintain a secure and safe business. 

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Commercial Door Lock Types & From Where To Buy Them In NYC

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