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Types Of Locks And Their Various Uses: The Complete Guide

Locks are everywhere, whether it’s our home or the place we work at. Although locks help your safety, that’s not their only function. Suppose there is some item you need to protect, like your money, jewelry, important documents, etc. In that case, you need to install locks in your cabinets and safes. But the problem is there are many types of locks in the market, and choosing the right one can be hard.However, you don’t need to work on finding the best lock for you. We at Safety Locksmith have a variety of locks to fulfill your security and safety needs. Through this guide on locks type, you will be able to pick the right lock for your use. So, let’s explore the many locks and see what will work for you.

Deadbolts Locks


If you want to increase your safety using a cost-effective way, you might want to choose deadbolt locks for your home doors. You may be curious about how the mechanism of this lock works. Mainly, this lock comes with a cylinder that is directly placed inside the doors and equipped with a keyhole outside the door. Once you enter the key inside this lock and turn it, the bolt inside it turns sideways, which results in the locking of the door.

This lock comes with a strike plate that has a rectangular shape. Its job is to secure the bolt and stop it from ripping when force is used on the door. So, this is also a way to prevent forced entry by burglars, etc. Their common use is in homes and offices outside doors. However, you can also use this lock type on inside doors and cabinet drawers. Such a lock currently has two variants, one being the single cylinder while the other is the double cylinder. 

For a single-cylinder lock, you only need a single key to enter your home from the outside. You don’t need to lock this door when you are inside, as it comes with a knob that you turn to lock and open. On the other hand, a key is a must for double-cylinder doors, regardless of whether you are inside or outside. One can be more convenient than the other, depending on your needs.

Combination Locks


As the name implies, combination locks come with a set pattern of numbers, symbols, and letters that you need to get right in order to open this lock. Out of all methods, the most common ones are rotating dials and keypad entry. Like the previous one, these types of locks also have many forms, such as electronic, multiple dial, and single dial. 

You only need to use the one combination dial connected to a spindle or rod for single-dial locks. Once you turn the dial on this lock, the rod interacts with all the discs present behind the dial. The lock gets opened when all these discs come in a perfect pattern. This lock type is commonly used in safes, school lockers, and padlocks. 

In the case of multiple dial locks, there are a number of dials. You don’t have to turn a single dial to turn all the lock discs here. Instead, you need to handle multiple dials and align them in order to open this lock. There are many uses for multiple dial locks, while the common ones include a briefcase, bike locks, and luggage. 

Talking of electronic combination locks, these come with all the features of single-dial locks. However, the sequence entry methods for this lock type are quite different. In this type, you don’t have to use a dial in order to set the lock sequence. Instead, electronic locks come with a keypad containing symbols, numbers, or letters. Electronic dial locks commonly use in secure containers, lockers, and safes.

Cam Locks


If you don’t want to get into the complication of combination locks, then there is a simpler solution called cam locks. These locks are comparably cheaper than other types but have the same effectiveness. It comes with a cylindrical base and has a keyhole as well as a metal piece which is also called a cam. It typically sits at a 90 degrees angle to the end base of this lock. You can move this cam accordingly by inserting a key into the keyhole and turning it.

The cam stays horizontal when it’s locked. It is adjusted with a strike plate towards the frame door. However, when you use the key to turn the cam down or up, the cam gets free of the strike plate that allows you to open the door. Such locks have various cam types; the typical ones are hooked and straight. Here, the straight cams are metal bars set inside a strike plate. On the other hand, hooked cams come with small hooks towards the end, and instead of getting connected to a lock, they latch on the item.

People usually use cam locks to protect furniture, cabinets, and various small compartments since they show better effectiveness in enclosed spaces. You can find them at Safety Locksmiths in different styles and colors. In addition, you can book our lock installation services to place these locks. However, since these locks are quite straightforward, you must not use them to store valuable items. However, the sturdy and large editions of cam locks are an exception. 

But remember, even the expensive and stronger alternative of cam locks are easily broken with expertise and strength.

Stealth/Electronic Locks


Until now, we discussed various locks that have some type of electronic variation. However, we also have locks in the market that are totally electronic based that assist with protecting cabinets and doors of a place that require high-level security. Since too many complicated mechanisms are involved in this lock, we will not get into its technical stuff. In simple terms, these locks come with a numerical keypad where you need to write the right code in order to unlock it. It is connected to the furniture or door you want to secure.

Stealth locks are best for places where there are multiple individuals who need to access the container or door that is locked. Since they are keyless, you don’t need to disturb someone whenever you need to access the location. The price of this keyless lock system isn’t too high. However, it would be best if you had a professional for the installation of this lock unless you know how.

The main use of this lock type is at safes, clinics, offices, containers, and rooms that have restricted access for entering, like banks, airports, and hospitals. 

Glass Door Locks


Finding locks for a glass door may sound like too much. Still, multiple types of glass door locks are already present in the market to satisfy your particular requirements. Furthermore, these locks come in even variations of the ones mentioned above! Glass doors are more commonly used for backyard safety, where a person can get a clear view. Because of that, most glass door locks focus on design and fit. And it will mostly suit your surrounding decor.

Glass doors’ main purpose in homes is to create a mood and feel of the place. They are not impenetrable, large, or bulky. The locks on glass doors don’t come in the way of the door’s design and don’t interrupt when someone tries to enter or leave through them. Suppose you are inexperienced in working with repair, installation, and working on glass doors. In that case, it is better not to change the locks and ask for professional help. The common use of glass door locks is on trophy cases, patio doors, and other types of cabinets of glass.

Glass door locks come in four types, i.e., deadbolt style, combination style, Cam style, and Ratchet style locks.


So, after learning about types of locks, were you able to decide on the right one you need for your home or office? As these locks are for security purposes, knowing what level of security you need will matter when picking the right lock. 

At Safety Locksmith NYC, we provide all lock types and installation services at affordable prices. Our locks are quality tested and proven effective for all security purposes. Whether you want a lock for your house doors or need to secure your belongings in a cabinet, our lock installation services can help you with that. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common seven types of lock include:

  • Knob locks
  • mortise locks
  • keypad locks
  • deadbolt locks
  • padlocks
  • smart locks
  • cam locks

The most general lock types used in homes and offices include:

  • Deadbolt locks
  • Glass door locks
  • Combination locks
  • Electronic locks
  • Cam locks
Types Of Locks And Their Various Uses: The Complete Guide

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