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Types Of Intercom Systems You Can Choose For Your Home And Office

Intercom systems have been around for a long time to ensure the safety and security of the property and building. It is one of the most effective tools to enhance both security and convenience. From homes to office buildings to industrial facilities and gated communities, whoever wants a managed visitor access intercom system is beneficial for them.


Here, we briefly explained about intercom systems. We have covered everything you need to know about intercom systems, including what they are, the types of intercom systems, components, advantages, and more! Keep reading to find all the answers you need about intercom systems!

An Overview Of Intercom System

An intercom system is a type of electronic device. It allows people to do two-way communication. Intercom systems grant permission to the people living in a building. It grants visitors access to the property by remotely opening a gate or door.

How Many Components Are There In An Intercom System?

There are two main components in modern intercom systems:

  1. A base station
  2. One or more substations

Base Station

The base station is also known as the master station. It is one of the primary components of an intercom system. It is installed at the entrance of a property. Moreover, base stations allow communication between the outside visitors and the inside visitors of the building. As the base station is the central piece of an intercom system, the entire system is in the control of the base station.

Note: Whenever you’re buying an intercom, look for one that comes with a base station with built-in cameras. Cameras add an extra layer of security that’s convenient for the tenants. You can see who’s at the door before you even open it.


Intercom system substations let the people who live in the building talk to people who are outside visitors. Moreover, the tenants have the control to let the visitor enter the property through a button ‘door open.’

Nowadays, the intercom system has taken over the substation hardware. People are more dependent on their smartphones, which act like their own intercom substation. Tenants can open the door from any place and even get a live video call to see who’s at the door.

Note: Look for a smart intercom system that has a smartphone app built into it and can be used as a substation for your intercom system. You’ll get features such as remote property access and keyless entry, as well as video calls.

How Does An Intercom System Functions?

The function of an intercom system is to inform the tenants that someone is outside their gate. The visitor can call the tenants living inside the building. The base station transmits audio and video to the substations by recording them. Through the substation, the tenants can see and talk to the visitors before they open the door.

After completing this process, tenants can open the gate or door remotely by pressing the button.

Why Is There a Need To Use An Intercom System?

Intercom systems provide many benefits, such as improved communication, enhanced security, and increased convenience. Below, we have mentioned some of the benefits of using intercom systems in different areas.

Areas Benefits of Intercom Systems 
Offices It helps to increase security efficiency and improves internal communication. 
Schools Helps to enhance security and ensure on-time announcements
Homes You can have convenient communication and enhance security 
Hospitals Facilitates quick communication and helps improve patient care 

Other Benefits

  • At the present moment, you can talk and see the other person standing at your door.
  • It allows you to do audio and video calls among the apartments on the property.
  • You can also monitor other areas and connect with the security cameras 
  • The host can use an ID card or password to access the door.

Types Of Intercom Systems

Intercom systems come in a variety of types. Some of them are wireless, and some are wired. Some intercoms are made to use for residential buildings, and others are used for commercial buildings.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular types of intercom systems:

Wireless Intercoms


It gets expensive and difficult to install wiring intercoms throughout the building. That’s why people opt for wireless intercom systems.

Wireless intercom system depends on invisible radio frequency. It is also called a spectrum. Spectrum is the part of the radio that carries the signal that wireless devices can use. Whether a wireless intercom needs to send audio, video, or both depends on which part of the spectrum is being used. It is also referred to as a band.

Note: Always first test these signal’s location where you are planning to install the intercom.

Wired Intercoms


The main difference between wired and wireless intercom systems is the internet connection. You need to have some form of wiring in all intercoms. Some require less wiring, while others require more.

Note: We advise using a Cat 5/6 ethernet cable to connect your intercom to the internet.

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Audio Intercoms


Audio intercoms are sometimes also known as “apartment buzzers.” With the help of an audio intercom, visitors can communicate with tenants within the building. It is the most common type of intercom used in older buildings. But video intercoms have replaced them.

Note: If you are planning to build and design a new property, go for a video intercom.

Video Intercoms


Two things are required in video intercoms:

  • You need a camera for capturing videos
  • You need a screen to display captured videos

Usually, the video intercom comes with an in-built camera, but if you want to use the external camera, you can use that too. Compared to audio, video requires more bandwidth. So, it is best if you connect a video intercom to the internet directly.

Note: Whenever you consider purchasing a video intercom for the building, look for a system that has the function to send video calls to smartphones.

Apartment Intercoms


Apartment intercoms are designed for apartment buildings. It is a type of electronic device that lets you do two-way communication. Residents living in an apartment and their visitors can communicate easily. Moreover, residents can also give property access to visitors.

Note: If you are considering having an apartment intercom, choose a system that can connect to your mobile phone. So that residents can use smartphones as substations.

Commercial Intercoms


Commercial intercoms are a bit more complex. For instance, if a courier person has to deliver the parcels to a company and the courier person does not know which employee’s parcel is this. At that time, the person will use a commercial intercom to contact the receptionist or front desk.

Note: Ensure that your commercial intercom lets the visitor contact both individual employees and the company.

Office Intercoms


You will see two types of office intercom systems:

  1. Internal
  2. External

Internal office intercoms allow communication between inside building parties like coworkers or employees.

External office intercoms allow you to communicate between office people and outside building people, such as delivery persons and visitors.

Note: Internal office intercom systems are no longer in use as people are using emails, messaging apps, and smartphones.

How To Install an Intercom System

There are three things on which the installation of an intercom system depends:

  • Its type
  • Wiring
  • Location

Suppose you are installing a video intercom system. The installation process for this intercom will be more expensive and complicated. As in this, you have to buy hardware and running wiring for each apartment. But, if you are opting for a wireless intercom that sends signals to the resident’s smartphone, the cost for installation will be less.

The location where you are installing the intercom also matters. If you are just replacing the wires and backbox of your existing intercom system, then the process of installation will be less costly and easier. However, if you have to break some of the bricks or open the wall, the installation process will be expensive and complex.

Note: If you install a full intercom system, it is more expensive than just installing the intercom.

How Much Is The Cost Of An Intercom System?

An intercom system may cost you around $500 to $ 5,000, and sometimes, it also depends on its functionality and features.


What type of intercom system will be right for your property depends on some factors, like the type of building, how much security is required, the number of users, and more! It is clear that there are many types of intercom systems available, and each one provides different features and modes. As you now know the types of intercom systems, it is now easier for you to choose the right one.

At Safety Locksmith NYC, you can have a wide variety of intercom systems to choose from. Our intercom systems are perfect for any home and office building. Are you looking to add some extra security to your building? Safety Locksmith is an ideal option. For more details, you can contact us at 212-534-7547.

Types Of Intercom Systems You Can Choose For Your Home And Office

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