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How Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

Getting late for a meeting and can’t find your car keys anywhere or coming home after a long working day and the key to your door lock is missing. Do you feel that you have been in similar situations before? Well, you are not alone, approx 16,000 people lock themselves out of their homes, cars, and offices everyday. And when we face situations, there is always one person to call “a locksmith.”

While we all need a locksmith’s help sometimes, many of us still don’t know about all the jobs a locksmith can do. Some of these doubts include whether a locksmith can make a key, how a locksmith can make a key without the original, and whether hiring a locksmith is too costly. And all these doubts bother us much more when we are in a lockout situation. Thus, in this blog, we have provided you with all the answers you may have when you lose your keys.

Do Locksmiths Make Keys Without the Original?

Yes, locksmiths can make keys without the original keys through several methods. They are equipped with specialized equipment and tools that help them to make the exact copy of your old key.

Techniques Used to Make a Key When the Original Key has Lost

Below are some of the techniques that a locksmith uses to create a new key without the original one:

Create a Lock Impression

To do this technique, the locksmith needs to have a key blank. The locksmith has to cut and file the key with the right tools. To start the process, the locksmith inserts the key blank in the lock and then carefully manipulates the lock cylinder pins. This process is known as binding. This technique shows that in which segment of the key there is a requirement of filling down. It is important to do multiple insertions and removals of the key to receive better outcomes. This task can be time-consuming and needs an experienced and well-trained locksmith.

Dismantle the Lock

Sometimes, this technique can be more challenging than the other techniques. First, the locksmith carefully picks the lock and disassembles it as the locks have delicate and small parts. That is why it is essential to be more careful in this step. Once it’s all done, the locksmith can look at the pins and see how they are biting. After this, the lock is put back together, and the new key is made exactly how you want it.

Cut the Key Using Code

Some of the manufacturers have key codes that are written on the lock and the key. You can often find these codes on the lock’s user manual. With the help of these codes, the locksmith can match the new lock to your existing lock. However, this technique requires exceptional skills in code cutting as well as using the right key blank.

Use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Before using this technique, locksmiths confirm that a car belongs to its owner by gathering all the relevant details and checking the documents. In this, they check the vehicle’s model, year, and make. VIN reference gives the precise key code to the locksmith for cutting new keys. When it comes to car keys with transponders, it may also be necessary for locksmiths to reset new keys for compatibility.

Locksmiths are skilled experts who can handle a variety of lost key situations. Even while it makes duplicating easier when you have the original keys, our experience allows us to handle issues with lost or broken keys even when the originals are lost. DIY projects should be avoided as they might cause unintentional harm to the locks.

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How Much Cost a Locksmith Charge to Make a New Key?

The price of the replacement key depends on the type of work a locksmith is doing. Suppose it is an emergency. You may have to pay more as the professional technician will come to you and make a new key. How much the cost will be depends on the complexity of the situation.

If you want to replace your car key and it is an older car, that costs you around $3 to $7. But a new car key can be more costly. The cost can be higher for new car owners with an automatic key or special car key. The replacement of new car keys with transponders, fobs, or chips can cost up to $250. Moreover, it depends on labor costs and your area.


Misplacing your car keys can be a frustrating situation. Not only will you waste time searching for the car key, but if you can not find the keys, you will have to decide how to get access to the car. Usually, the best solution is to call the locksmith to create a new key.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the key code in several locations on your car or the car’s manual. Generally, you will find the key code in the vehicle’s documentation. Moreover, you can find the key code on the car key. On the other hand, if you misplaced the car key, you can find the key code on a metal plate inside the glove box or elsewhere in the vehicle.
No, you have to get help from a locksmith or a local auto shop to program a replacement key.  Locksmiths use one or more techniques to make keys for locks that do not have original keys, such as creating a lock impression, dismantling the lock, cutting the key using code, and more!
How Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

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