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Quick & Reliable Key Duplication Service In NYC

Whenever we lose our keys and get locked out of our car in a deserted parking lot, it leaves us stranded. And usually, a locksmith is the first person we call in such situations. But there is a way by which you can prepare ahead of time and can deal with such a situation on your own without calling a locksmith. And it is by getting your original key duplicated. 

A duplicate or spare key is crucial for all business, home, and car owners. Why? Well, the spare keys give a person greater convenience in avoiding lockouts. 

Looking for a key duplication service in NYC? Safety Locksmith is here for you with its excellent key copying service. We offer our clients one of the quickest and most reliable key duplication services at competitive prices. You just bring us an original key, and we will provide you with a bunch of them.

What Is A Key Duplication Service?

Key duplication is a process of duplicating an existing key. You can duplicate your original key by visiting any hardware store and locksmith. The process begins with key cutting, putting the original key into a machine. After that, the trimmed key is processed in multiple levels, where the key is scrubbed with a wire brush to remove burs and is deburred. And after passing all the levels, you get one or multiple brand-new duplicate keys from your original one.

The most common key types that locksmiths can duplicate include Yale, Chubb, Car, Safe, house, and padlock keys. In contrast, certain keys like Medeco are difficult to be copied. 

Benefits Of Key Duplication Service

The first benefit of the Key Duplication Service is having an extra key to prevent lockouts. Thus, there is no need to call a locksmith urgently and pay all those extra charges. Also, you can easily avoid all the stress that comes with a lockout situation. 

Let’s find all the ways in which a duplicate key can benefit you. 

Hand In Lockout Situation

A duplicate or copied key allows you to get easy access to your premises (home & office) if you have lost the original key. You do not need to break any window or forcibly open the locked door to get access if you have duplicate keys with you. Duplicate keys provide you instant and ready response to any lockout issue. 

Hand In Lockout Situation

Provide Access To Trusted Members Of Family

Key duplication allows you to hand over and share spare keys with your family members. Sharing spare keys with your family members can avoid inconvenience and can be helpful in different situations. For example, if your kids are going to come early someday, but you are not at home, you can give them a spare or duplicate key so they can enter the home without you being present.  


Key duplication

Helps When the Original Key Breaks

If you are constantly using the same key for several years, there is a chance of breakage. Your old key can bend or break while inserted into the bolt. Also, the key might suddenly stop working because of an unfamiliar pattern. And a spare and duplicate key can rescue you in such situations. Duplicate keys also increase the life of original and spare keys.

Helps When the Original Key Breaks

Help With Frequent Wear & Tear Of Lock

It’s not only the key that suffers by exerting pressure, but also the lock that suffers wear and tear. Just like keys, locks also face a lot of pressure when working with the same key for a long time. But using duplicate keys occasionally keeps the bolt away from such breakage and damage. Also, one should lubricate the bolt once in a while for better functioning. 

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Reliable Key Duplication Service In NYC

If you are someone looking for a key duplication service in NYC, you don’t have to look far from Safety Locksmith. We are one of the trusted names in residential and commercial security, offering you a range of locksmith services at their best. Our key copying service is easy, quick and affordable, and you can rely on us in times of emergencies. 

Our key copying services are for all key types covering all residential, commercial and automobile keys. We work with a range of keys, including Medeco keys, car keys, mul-t-lock keys, Yardeni keys, Schlage keys, Nabob keys and Yale keys. Putting your faith in us for key copying will guarantee your home stays secure.

How Long Does Key Coping Takes?

Typically, the process of key duplication is pretty quick, as it takes around five to twenty-five minutes to complete. It means that if you are locked out of your house, you don’t need to wait for so long. All you have to do is run to the closest hardware store and make a new key to deal with the lockout. The locksmith will get you brand-new keys and ensure you get into your house in a timely manner.  

How Much Does The Key Copying Cost?

If you have a key ring, then you will also require a bunch of duplicate and spare keys to hang on it. The key copying procedure makes the key duplicates from your original one. Even though the key copying procedure is easy, it’s hard to understand the charges associated with it. 

Typically, the cost of home key duplication is as low as $1. While the key duplication of the latest car keys is the most expensive, it costs you between $30 to $175, and the key fob of a few deluxe car brands may charge you upto $1,000 or more. Let’s look at the statistics to get an accurate idea of key copying costs.

Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum Cost
$1 $5-$20 $1,000

Do you often lose keys? Or get stuck in lockouts? Keep a duplicate and a spare key with you to handle such situations. Contact Safety Locksmith for key copying service and fill your key ring with a bunch of duplicate keys. 

Quick & Reliable Key Duplication Service In NYC

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