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Affordable Window Gate Installation Service In NYC

Window gates or window guards are found in many high-rise apartment buildings, offices, and small family homes. Most of these gates are designed with steel, while some are made of high-quality plastic. Some window gates are detachable, whereas others are permanent. The main purpose of having these gates is to protect the property against theft and prevent accidental falls from windows. These gates can be installed on every type of window and are an excellent option for properties lacking a burglar alarm system.

You may already have CCTV cameras installed at the main gate and other parts of the house. Still, there are chances that the thieves might be able to make their way through.

The security cameras may not be enough to prevent their entry inside your house. So, it is good to contact professionals for window gate installation and keep burglars away from your property.

Why Does Your Home/Office Need A Window Gate?

Window gates are quite affordable and can suit any household or business premises. These bars also protect the little ones from climbing and falling out through the windows.

You can find the best and affordable window gate installation services in New York City and expect quality work done at your premise. 

Window gates are very much different from your security cameras. They are easier to maintain. You just need to call a window gate maintenance or repair service once or twice a year. Also, security cameras require constant monitoring, while the window gates don’t.

Note: Hire only experienced professionals if you have finally decided to install a window gate at your premises.

Why To Take Professional Help For Window Gate Installation? 

Installing window gates may seem easy and cost-effective. You can use the DIY methods and perform the installation professionally. But, if anything goes wrong during the process, it may cost you more money than hiring a professional installation service.

So, to be on the safer side, think of hiring professionals. When you have the assistance of an experienced person, you can expect to get the work done quickly and flawlessly. A professional can perform the window gate installation without creating a mess. Besides installation, they can even help you select the designs per your taste and preference.

What Do Safety Locksmith Guarantee With Our Window Gate Installation Service?

Get our assistance to install your window gates and safeguard your property from intruders. Here is what the customers can ensure from our window gate installation service:

Quality Materials

Our team of professionals utilizes quality materials to ensure your window security gates stay durable for years.

Free Estimation

While hiring our service, you can ensure complete transparency everywhere. You will not find any surprises or hidden charges. We notify the customers of what they will obtain through a detailed estimation.

Prompt Service

Whatever the job complexity, our team will carry out the work promptly without sacrificing the quality of the service.

Types of Window Gates We Provide

During installation, we measure the window size to ensure it fits well with our gate. We offer gates of various shapes, sizes, and designs. These include:

Window Gate


This window gate comes with a dimension of 61.5 inches X 41 inch width X 1.75 inches thick. It is designed with wood and wrought-finished iron and weighs about 20 pounds. This window gate is a suitable choice for windows of both homes and offices.

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Folding Gates


From giving a seamless opening to great physical protection, this bi-folding gate has numerous benefits. It has an iron-built fencing design and a clip set at the bottom. It can be suitable for security gates of car parking, airports, and seaports.

Swing Doors


The French design of our swing doors gives a spectacular look. These doors come in distinct colors and sizes. You can choose from 38 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches, and 68 inches. Also, they have a modern glass panel, giving a more premium touch.

Swing Doors 2


These stainless steel doors are a reliable choice for home and industrial applications. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. These doors have small glass windows that give an overview of the visitors. In the front, there are alloy handles offering excellent grip to hands. 

Scroll Design


It is an antique gate suitable for both residential and public properties. It is intended from wrought iron and inspired by the Victorian style, giving a vintage look to the entrance. The dimensions of this gate are 0.98 inches X 38.39 inches X 70.08 inches.

Where To Go For Window Gate Installation IN NYC?

The best destination to find quality window gate installation services is Safety Locksmith. Our business offers an extensive range of modern-day, designer window gates protecting your homes and offices.

We are proud to safeguard your property and leave you worry-free for years. Moreover, there is no need to bother about the budget as we offer affordable window gate installation solutions. Also, the tools and materials we use for the installation are from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

Whatever your security needs, Safety Locksmith is here to fulfill them! Contact us to know more.


Are you a home or business owner wanting to protect your property from burglaries? Count on our team for top-grade window gate installation service providers. Our team also assists in choosing the right type and size of window gate for your premises. Call Safety Locksmith today to get a window gate installation service estimation in NYC.

Affordable Window Gate Installation Service In NYC

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