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Is A Security Camera System Worth Your Money: Why Do You Need It?

Leaving your child behind with a babysitter for the first time or leaving your shop in the hands of a new intern for the first time as you have to visit your home for an emergency, we all face these kinds of situations in our everyday lives. And thus, we know how unsettling and restless one can feel when one doesn’t know what will happen in their absence. 

Security Camera Systems have come as a boon to help us in all these unsettling and restless situations while saving us hours that we would have otherwise spent wondering all the things that could go wrong in our absence. All you have to do is install a security camera system in the place you don’t want to leave unattended, and you can see what’s happening there anytime from wherever you are. 

If you are confused about whether a security camera system is a good investment, this blog is for you. Here you will find answers to everything you need to know to decide whether to buy a security camera. Let’s start with finding what security cameras are. 

What Are Security Cameras?

Security camera systems safeguard you and the people you care about. Security cameras are used to keep a tight 24/7 surveillance, therefore preventing or solving crimes. It is a video recording device used in the home, commercial property, public places, etc. The footage is directly accessible on your laptops, tablets, computers, and mobiles. Night vision, smartphone controls, and HD resolution are important parts of the new-age features of a security camera.

Why Do You Need Security Cameras?

People need a security camera system to protect themselves from uncertain situations. Crimes like larcenies, motor theft, trespassing, and residential burglaries can be caught or stopped simultaneously. Old video footage can help the authorities to help with the crimes and prevent them further. Moreover, you can install cameras inside your home to keep a close eye on your kids, nannies, and house staff. Therefore, you can keep a close tab on who enters or leaves your property. 

Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Security Camera

Before buying a camera, you should do your research thoroughly. It includes finding answers to questions like why you want a security camera and which security camera type or specifications you should go for. 

Here are a few more questions you must ask yourself before investing in a security camera

  • If the camera gets broken or stolen, what will be the cost of fixing or replacing it?
  • How much warranty period is provided with the camera? Check the camera system’s warranty, as they typically have a lifetime warranty. Therefore, the company will fix the problems anytime, free of cost.
  • Do you want a wireless system or not? However, if it’s too much hassle, skip the wireless security system.
  • What is your total budget? Are you willing to spend more on customized features?
  • Which features do you need in your security camera system? Like zoom, amount of storage, type of storage, motion sensors, and durability. 
  • Will you install the security camera by yourself? If you hire professionals, what will be the installation charges for setting up your security camera? 

Note: If you have no experience with installing a security camera system before, it is advised to hire a professional. Thus, there will be no chance of any damage happening to the system, and when installed properly, it will ensure all the functions run smoothly. So, you can have access to quality recorded videos that could actually help you in your purpose of installing the whole system. 

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What Are The Types Of Security Cameras?

Security cameras are of various types according to the purpose of the user. For instance, indoor and outdoor cameras serve different purposes. Indoor cameras are more fragile than outdoor cameras, which are resistant to the outside temperature.

So, now let’s list down different types of security cameras and which can be better for you:

Weather Resistant Bullet Camera


This camera is equipped with night vision and has a 24/7 recording feature. It is durable in harsh weather conditions. With a weather rating of IP67, it works well at -22 °F to 140° F. The bullet camera is equipped with motion sensors with a solid front lens(4MP) that records video at 30fps. Moreover, it sends alerts when the security zone is activated.

Wireless Color Night Vision Security Camera


This camera is specially designed for outdoor purposes with color night vision. The camera records color images in low-light situations. It is a modern wireless system that records high-resolution videos with an excellent front lens. Moreover, the pixels enhance the visuals of the footage during low light. You can connect wireless security cameras to multiple devices like mobiles, TV, tablets, computers, etc.

Wireless Color Mini Pinhole Covert Camera


The wireless security system backs three cameras at once. This mini pinhole covert is used for undercover purposes. In addition, you can hide it in small spaces and record clear visuals. Anyone can use it easily, as a battery or power supply can; operate this camera. Moreover, it records color footage, and you can install the footage by connecting it to a plug-in system. 

Mini Indoor Camera


A portable-size camera is best for securing indoor spaces. It is a smart camera great for installing in houses and small to medium office areas.

This camera is meant for homes as a nanny cam for keeping a watch on your children. Similarly, the mini indoor small camera will be great for spaces like offices and commercial shops. The camera records video HD with 1080P quality. In addition, it has a great two-way audio system and motion sensors feature. Moreover, by following simple instructions, you can easily install it without worry.

B & W Outdoor Camera With Infrared LEDs And Motion Sensors.Bmp


It is a perfect camera with a sturdy plastic build for outdoor use, as it works well in heavy rain. It has a 5MP solid camera with infrared LEDs that turns on automatically in low light. Moreover, with a motion detector, it sends an alert if the protected zone gets triggered.

Black & White Camera With Infrared LEDs


It is an indoor camera that gives complete HD video quality and captures things even in low light. It records videos in black and white with an 8MP front lens and multiple infrared LEDs. Furthermore, the installation process is easy in houses, offices, and commercial shops. Moreover, you can mount it anywhere on the wall and ceilings with a 180-degree view.

Outdoor Color Night Vision Camera


This camera has good quality plastic covering and has an IP67 waterproof rating, making it quite sturdy. The primary camera is 5MP, with a 2.8 mm wide-angle lens. Being an outdoor camera, it has CMOS sensors that help to record ultra HD videos. Above all, it has 24/7 color night vision. It is easily compatible with TVI/CVI/AHD/Analog DVR.

High Performance, Day & Night Color Bullet Camera


It is also a bullet-shaped camera with high weather resistance and is IP67-rated. A 2MP camera provides HD output with higher pixel quality when connected to a DVR. Furthermore, it supports color recording videos in 1920 x 1080 resolution, with a separate LED for night vision. Above all, it catches chromatic images in the night recordings.

B & W Outdoor Camera With Infrared LEDs And Motion Sensors.Bmp


An advanced outdoor camera with a superior outer covering protects the front lens in bad weather. The latest motion sensors record the area at a wider angle. It is equipped with black & white vision backed up by IR LEDs. Moreover, it records video in HD resolution with a CCD image sensor. The best part is that you can easily install it on a device with available cable and mounting screws.

What Features To Look For In Security Cameras?

Modern security camera systems have features that are way more versatile and convenient. Firstly, you can install this technology anywhere you feel the need to keep a close watch. Secondly, they come in different sizes and shapes, which are portable. So, let’s discuss some notable features of this modern technology.

Field Of View

It is the area that a security camera is covering. It is basically how wide the camera footage is. The camera range should be kept in mind while buying and installing it. You should always ask the person or search for the features on the website before buying the security camera. 

If the camera has a narrow field of view, you can see good-quality footage from close. Moreover, you can rotate the camera and have a closer view of the subject. In contrast, a wider field of view will give you footage to see more without having to reposition or rotate the camera.

Low-Light Or Infrared Mode

The camera should record night footage as clear as day. New technology cameras use infrared or low-light mode, producing black-and-white footage or even color. Low-light cameras intensify the light to create a brighter view of the surrounding. For instance, night vision goggles use the same technology as infrared mode. 

But, there is a drawback if there is no light or pitch black in the camera’s area; the camera cannot capture anything. However, thermal sensors in a camera can be a game changer in this area. It does not need light to capture the videos, just heat. Therefore, thermal sensors depict the imaging through different levels of gray.

Cloud Or Local Storage

Storing the footage in HD quality is an integral part of security systems. However, recording it will be no point if it’s not been saved in a cloud or local storage. In local storage, all the videos are kept in the drive as it is a foolproof way to capture the footage. But there is a catch, if the storage drive is full, it will automatically stop storing the video. Therefore, you must empty the drive to save more data. 

In contrast, cloud storage is a monthly or yearly paid service where you have to pay certain charges. Moreover, depending on the amount you are paying, the provider company can limit the videos it can store.

Two-Way Audio

It is a more advanced feature in the currently popular security camera system. The person who controls the camera can talk to the people in front of the camera. For instance, a delivery person standing outside the front door can speak to the person inside. It is a two-way communication with decent-quality audio. Moreover, if a trespasser is on your property, you can warn them by the audio feature or call the cops. 

High Video Quality

As we all know, high image and video quality are criteria for a security camera. Before, video quality was blurred and pixelated. Today’s new-age cameras have at least 720p resolution and go as high as 1080p for recording and streaming videos. 

Moreover, one-step, more advanced cameras have 2K and 4k resolutions, which is quite impressive for the new portable camera system. However, having a high-speed internet connection would be best before asking for HD-quality footage.

Motion Sensors

The 24/7 video recording feature in the security camera system will fill your storage space with unnecessary footage. Therefore, the camera will record the area when there is motion in the video. 

In addition, motion sensors can catch dubious moments on the screen while the camera is active. Moreover, if it has audio features, it can be a plus point. It will also record the video with clear audio and send alerts to the local authority.


The camera’s durability is an essential factor to consider in the long term. Outdoor cameras should be more durable than indoor cameras. Therefore, the device’s resistance and IP ratings must be high for outdoor purposes. 

The camera should also be suitable for the temperature and weather of your city. With an IP rating of 65 and above, you can tell the camera system is dust and waterproof. So, it can work perfectly in rain and snowstorms. 


The standard security camera has a plug attached to it. You will need a long extension board and a cord, and you are good to go. However, the latest security cameras are wireless. 

Therefore, wireless cameras have better possibilities for positioning cameras efficiently. So, you must know whether the camera’s battery backup is good enough. In addition, if the battery life is long, you can recharge or replace them. 

Optical Zoom

Zoom in and out feature in a security camera without pixelating the video or image is necessary. The camera should have optical zooming for a clearer view of the area or suspicious activities. Digitally zooming on the app live on the mobile or tab is an excellent addition for a closer view of the footage.

Best Security Camera System Installation Service In New York City

You must need professional installation services if you have recently purchased a security camera. Otherwise, installing and managing your security camera alone can be tricky. Therefore, you require qualified people to work on sensitive systems, and here is where Safety Locksmith NYC comes to the rescue.

We at Safety Locksmith cater our installation services in New York City. With our nicely installed security cameras, you can easily detect robberies, record road accidents and work practices, and lower your insurance rates. Therefore, let our technically trained staff work for you and make your life safe and protected.


Everyone needs protection from circumstances and events that can harm them physically. Similarly, some want to protect their business assets and properties from damages. Installing a high-technology camera system with amazing features is a must for uncertain times like now. 

Therefore, you can buy security cameras directly from the Safety Locksmith NYC website. Moreover, we are distinct from others because we provide affordable installation services. Our technically trained professionals will assist you at every step of the installation. Therefore, you can sit back and relax and let us do the job as we are best for it.For any further queries about our products and services relating to the security camera systems, feel free to call us. Let the Safety locksmith be the first one you make a call to. Contact us at 212-534-7547 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on the size of your property. You should install a security camera system on all the entrances and the first floor. 3-4 cameras can secure your property nicely if you have a big house. Similarly, ensure all the entry and exit points if it is an office building. Above all, don’t forget the staircases, elevators, and office cubicles.

Anyone can see security cameras that detect crime and uncertain circumstances. Security cameras are installed in a home or personal property. In contrast, a surveillance camera is installed for monitoring. Hence, it is not easily visible.

The latest security cameras record live footage 24/7 and store all the data in the cloud. These cameras have smart features like person detection or facial recognition, night vision, and cloud recording. You will always feel a sense of security when the security camera is there. 

A security camera can be valuable to your home or business. You can stop events before happening. In addition, you can see the live recording from anywhere in high quality. This results in giving you total peace of mind at the time.

The top five best cameras to put around the house are:

  • Weather Resistant Bullet Camera
  • B & W Outdoor Camera with infrared LEDs and motion sensors.bmp
  • Wireless Color Night Vision Security Camera
  • Outdoor Color Night Vision Camera
  • High Performance, Day & Night Color Bullet Camera
Is A Security Camera System Worth Your Money: Why Do You Need It?

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