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Type Of Locks & The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Door Locks

Whenever we leave our house/office/shop, its security is often our main concern. And it becomes more serious with the United States Department of Justice estimating that 2.5 million burglaries occur in the US each year, with more than half of these being home invasions. Door locks present themselves as the best solution to this issue. 

However, installing any type of door lock at your home or office won’t work. Every kind of door lock performs a function. It means that the lock that is suitable to guard your office door might not be the right choice for your warehouse. Thus, you must know the different types of door locks to make a wise choice and keep your properties more secure than ever. 

If you are still confused about whether investing in the right locks is the right choice, these benefits will help you make up your mind. 

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Door Locks

Here is the list of benefits of installing the right door bolts in your residential or commercial doors.

Increased Security

One of the best benefits of fixing door bolts in your home and offices is that they increase security. Door bolts come with designs that don’t allow any stranger to breaking through your property by breaking or picking the lock.

Keep Invaders Away

Because of the protective nature of door locks. They do not allow any invader or burglar to make an entrance to your private premises and ensure no access to specific areas. 

No Use Of Keys

If you are installing any digital door lock, it comes with the benefit of not using keys to unlock them. They eliminate the concept of keys and replace them with cards or codes. That means you don’t have to worry about the issue of losing keys which often happens in offices because of multiple keys. And it also provides a sigh of relief that no intruder can access your property using keys.

Protect Your Items

We all keep our essentials and valuable belongings in our homes or important documents at our offices that require additional security. And Door locks provide full security to your belongings so that no stranger can access them without your permission.

Hard To Break

If the door locks are digital, it acts as optical deterrence for theft that keeps intruders and burglars away. Most looters are opportunists who gaze for fast and simple access to your house or buildings, such as weak locks and open windows. Although the keyless bolts require a card, code, or fingerprint, they are harder to break into than mechanical bolts with a key. 

Easy Access And Monitoring 

In commercial areas or offices, plenty of people work together, generating foot traffic all over the premises. In such places, digital door locks permit only the authorized person to access them because there are some areas where access for everybody is not allowed. Thus, in such places and situations, digital locks are the best choice you can go with. 

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Best Door Locks For Your Space

Here are the bolts that are perfect for the door and premises security.

Mortise locks

Mortise locks, also known as Rim locks, are suitable for apartment, commercial, and entry glass doors. These locks are mostly used in fixed-rim latch locks inside the door. 

They have a lengthy piece of metal that stretches out from the lock’s back that runs through the gate into a locking mechanism of the door’s opposite side. It fits in its place with the help of screws and uses a cam to operate with the locking tools. The Mortise locks come with levers that tell about the number of door locks in the setting. And the more number of levers ensures more safety. The locks are available in three levers, five levers, and various other types.


Jimmy Proof Deadlock

Jimmy-proof deadlock is an item that mounts on the outside of homes and double doors. These locks are so popular because they require minimum door modifications. They are unique, like the deadbolts interlocks. Furthermore, the locks have a jamb bracket that prevents them from being easily forced and easily pulled aside by external force. 

It is an unbreakable bolt and does not even break with the hammer, which is why it ensures double protection for the doors. These locks require a drilled hole directly via the gate for the rim cylinder. And if you already have a Jimmy-proof deadbolt, you can usually replace the rim cylinder to enhance your safety.


Medeco Deadbolt

The Medeco Deadlock is made from rust-free solid steel. It includes a general lock system that offers higher protection. It has a thumb turn inside and a key space outside the bolt. The steel used in its manufacture is long-lasting and protects crowbar and sawing attacks. These bolts are tough to break as they are armed with triple-locking technology. The bolts are fit for various door sizes of apartments and offices.


Schlage Deadbolt

Using these Schlage deadbolts, you can give your apartment and office doors high security. These locks are made of high-quality metal that gives strength to doors. Furthermore, they consist of durable anti-drill plates and steel spinning pins. These locks synchronize with various styles and colors of doors and can be easily installed using a screwdriver.


Hercular Deadbolt

This Hercular Deadbolt provides high security to your private apartments and offices. It is easy to open and lock with a firm key twist. The bolt consists of a thumb turn for better grip and two keys. Its new locking mechanism only allows it to open with keys. The steel used in this deadlock is solid and works great in various conditions. Moreover, its design makes it suitable to be a part of home decoration.


Lock-Top Guard

This Lock Top Guard is designed for residential and commercial doors and can simply fit in various doors in very easy steps. The exterior of this lock is of satin brass covering the door’s external side. It consists of wide steel and attaching brass-coated locks to avoid drilling, prying, and hammer strikes. Moreover, the lock works with different locks with an accuracy of up to ten small pins.


Combination Lock

These Combination Locks are made for gym and school lockers that can protect essentials from thieves. The locks require a three-digit protection code to unlock them. These locks are designed of metal-coated anodized aluminum, and their solid steel permits an anti-chunk locking mechanism. Furthermore, they are very easy to fit in any bag and luggage trolley because of their lightweight. 


Office Lock

The dual-grade lock is suitable for office purposes as it has two keyed entries for making an entrance into office buildings. It offers privacy to the workplace with a one-step lock procedure. Both of the handles of the lock work separately. The external lever of the bolt is simply bolted with a key, and the internal lever works with a push button. It is made of zinc material and consists of a solid compression vault that prevents the sagging of the lever. Moreover, this bolt is suitable for both light and heavy office doors.


Shackle Protector

The Shackle Protector is suitable for the C-Series bolts and provides them protection. High-quality steel is used in its design. The kit consists of lock washers, shackle protectors, and two machine screws. Also, it comes with four keys, so you can share them with your other family members. These bolts are suitable for Caravans, garage gates, and storage units. 


Sliding Bolt

The Sliding Bolt is a very strong traditional lock system in comparison to a normal sliding lock. It offers additional protection to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and locker room door. This bolt is designed from stainless steel and utilizes electroplating technology. Its brush-polished coating makes it corrosion and water-resistant. Furthermore, the method of its installation is very simple as it takes only 5 minutes for a screw drill to install it.


Removable Lock

This Removable lock is very easy to install in a bolt cylinder and can also be replaced with common locks at a time of need. It comes with two extra keys to easily plugin into the lock space. The lock is designed of zinc, and the lever is polished with pure brass. These locks are suitable for all office/home doors and SYMO bolt cases.


Round Lock

These Round Locks do follow lock applications to protect your space. They are suitable for storage units, garages, warehouses, trailers, and outdoor gates. These bolts are made of stainless steel and work perfectly indoors and outdoors. They consist of brass-coated cylinders that provide additional protection to doors. A long-lasting pattern of these bolts reduces iron exposure. With the new bolt feature, these bolts are available in various patterns and sizes.



Door locks serve an important function in our homes and offices. That is why it is essential to take time and do research before selecting any lock type for your facility. Safety locksmith provides a vast range of door locks, including digital locks that render high security for your space and makes your life peaceful. Besides the door lock, it is also essential to inspect the door for bolt installation, so here we also provide the lock installation service around NYC. To avail of our services, feel free to contact us at 212-534-7547, or you can mail us at 

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of a lock is to automatically Lock devices to protect a door or a holder so that it can’t be opened easily but only by a key or by a sequence of manipulations performed by its owner, knowing the code or secret.

Deadbolts are tied at the home’s exterior, ensuring the security of your space and giving you the peace of mind you need while leaving home. It will not be possible for a thief or any suspicious person to break through a deadlock with a crowbar ensuring your place’s security.

The major and essential bolts are deadbolt locks, knob locks, padlocks, cam locks, smart locks, mortise locks, and keypad locks.

Type Of Locks & The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Door Locks

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