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Your house should be a safe space for all the people living there. Invasion of unwanted people such as thieves and burglars can cause an interruption in your sense of security. Thus, installing a security system, such as CCTV, can help. It will enable you to deal with the fear of unauthorized people entering your home. Also, it will help identify and catch those entering the space unauthorized. The CCTV installation NYC service by Safety Locksmith ensures that things stay safe in your homes and offices.CCTVs have become an essential part of our security system. From residences to your offices, schools, and even hospitals, they are installed everywhere. Our professionals ensure that the cameras are set up to provide maximum coverage and security everywhere. Thus, you can feel safer and looked upon wherever you are.

Factors That Make Us Different From Our Competitors 

CCTV camera has become a necessary part of our homes and offices, and giving this responsibility to somebody who is not a professional can cause a lot of problems. When you hire professional CCTV installation service NYC from Safety Locksmith, we will ensure that all your security systems are running smoothly and without a glitch. We also suggest the best quality high-end security cameras based on the area and requirements of your residential and commercial spaces. 

A perfectly installed security system in your office can help avoid a lot of robberies, crimes, and employee thefts in the office. Similarly, installing a camera in your home can help you keep track of your child’s daily activities, irrespective of where you are.

Our professionals are equipped with up-to-date technology to provide you with the security you deserve. It helps us meet the demands of the customers and provides exceptional service. CCTV connections are delicate, so you should choose only our highly trained professionals who are perfect for this work. 

Exclusive Features That Our CCTV Security Service Provide 

When installing new CCTV in your homes or offices, we ensure that you are getting the highest quality products. Our expert services offer you the following benefits. 

Viewing Things From A Far Away Place 

CCTV does not mean you have to sit in the same building 24/7. You should get a CCTV camera that can help you keep an eye on whatever is in front of the camera from a different place. You can access our cameras from your mobile phones or laptops wherever and whenever you like. 

Numerous Camera Viewing

It does not matter how many cameras are installed in your office or home; you should be able to see every one of them on the same screen. You can also view your recorded videos by searching for a specific date or time. 

Clear Image Quality

Does not matter where you are viewing the video of your CCTV from. The clarity that our camera providers will always be great, and you won’t have to get confused with whom you are looking at. 

Long Lasting Solution 

The quality of our CCTV cameras is top-notch, and the quality of our service will leave you feeling satisfied. 

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Our Huge Range Of CCTV Cameras Include

Our store offers a wide range of cameras to choose from. If you are looking for something virtually undetectable or that can look over your company during nighttime, we have it all. For instance:

High-Quality, High-Resolution Color Camera


High-resolution cameras are best if you want to keep a record of finer details. Also, the color feature helps in identifying a perpetrator if necessary. This camera is extremely beneficial for an office setting where you have to cover big areas and need higher resolution to capture every detail.  

Outdoor Color Nightvision Camera


The color night vision camera has powerful sensors that can capture images even in low-light conditions. The sensors in these cameras are highly sensitive to light. It allows the sensor to capture more light from the surrounding areas. This camera will work best outside both your homes and offices.  

High Performance, Day & Night Color Bullet Camera


This camera provides users with excellent image quality. One of this CCTV camera’s most excellent qualities is that it can give extraordinary image quality during both nighttime and daytime. These cameras also benefit you by providing the best quality video recording, even in absolute darkness. 

B & W Outdoor Camera With Infrared LEDs And Motion Sensors. BmpB-&-W-Outdoor-Camera-with-infrared-LEDs-and-motion-sensors

The B&W camera with infrared LEDs and motion sensors can easily detect movement outside your homes and offices. And the infrared is used to capture information in places with zero visibility.  

Repair and maintenance Of CCTVs

Apart from installing CCTVs, we also help repair and maintain your security system. We are just a call away if you want a professional to inspect our security system and fix any problems they may have. Not just installation but maintaining your security system is also very crucial. CCTV installation and repair are both our specialties at Safety Locksmith LLC. 


Whatever you are looking for, a single CCTV installation NYC or a complete security system installation Safety Locksmith can help. We have professionals who are very much capable of taking care of all your security work. We do everything from installing CCTVs to high-tech locks on your doors. Our experts will take care of your space requirements and budget before creating a complete security plan. You can reach us by our website at or call us at 212-534-7547. 


Wireless cameras are easy to install. It is a good choice for people who want something easier to install. However, wired security cameras are much better if you are looking for better quality and reliability.

You don’t need permission if you are installing CCTV in your home or office. But if you are installing it in a listed building, you will have to get permission from local authorities.

A CCTV camera is a must in or outside every home. In instances of robbery or intrusion of an unknown person, it can help you identify them easily and get them caught.

The Expert CCTV Installation NYC | Safety Locksmith

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