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Professional 24X7 Emergency Locksmith NYC: Safety Locksmith

You check your pocket for your house or car keys, and they are not there. What would you do? Just pick up your phone and give a call to Emergency Locksmith NYC. We provide professional locksmiths who can help you get out of this dreadful situation 24 x 7. Suppose you have an emergency situation, such as losing or breaking your keys during ungodly hours. In these instances, our emergency services can rescue you from the problem as early as possible while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our services are quick irrespective of where you are and the time. The locksmiths at our store are trained to deal with any problem.  

Problems Our Emergency Locksmiths Can Help You With 

Our professional locksmiths are experts in dealing with any kind of situation. The varied emergencies our locksmiths can assist you with are: 

Car Lockouts

If you forgot your keys inside the car or lost them somewhere, it is impossible to get inside your car without the help of a locksmith. You cannot hotwire your car or open it using a coat hanger because it can damage your car’s security locks. So, instead of damaging your car’s lock and later spending a lot of money on getting it fixed, you should call a professional locksmith instead. Our locksmiths have the skills and talent to get you out of any situation, including disabling a security system or making new duplicate keys.    

Jammed Key Removal From The Lock

A broken key inside your door or car lock can create a big problem for you. If you struggle with your key and try to self-extract it, then it may further damage your lock and push the key further inside. You may need key extraction for several reasons, such as broken or bent car keys, frozen locks, damaged or rusted car locks, etc. If you are facing any such trouble, our locksmith can assess the issue and work accordingly to fix it. 

Today’s cars are made with highly tuned security systems, making it difficult for any regular person to deal with this problem himself. Therefore, you must find someone capable of safely removing the key using expert techniques and tools. 

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Replacement Or Duplicate Car Keys    

If your transponder key is not working properly, you lost it, or if it got cracked, you would require a highly skilled emergency locksmith service provider to resolve the situation. If you have your old key with you, a locksmith can make a new one using the transponder from the old one, making the process much faster and smoother. However, if you have lost the key, the locksmiths can make a replacement key from scratch. If you are worried about whether it is possible to get a new key, supposing that you lose it, then don’t worry because our locksmiths are equipped with enough technology and tools to get the work done without any trouble. 

Home Lockouts

Got locked out of your home? Imagine if you got home after a long day at work and left your keys in the office, and going back to take them doesn’t seem a feasible option. That is the time when panicking is not going to give you the solution. The best thing you can do is contact our emergency locksmith services. The professionals at our store have the needed skills and techniques to make keys in a few minutes. Furthermore, our experts can make any type of key for you, and if you require them, they can even replace your lock with the highest quality locks, such as Segal, Simplex, Kwikset, etc.   

Safe Opening Office Lockouts

Every person has valuable things at their office or home, whether it be some important documents, jewelry, or money. And what is better than a sturdy safe that can hold your valuables inside and keep them safe? But like everything, your safe’s lock can also break or get damaged, and to get it fixed; you will require a locksmith. An expert locksmith can not only just fix your lock, but he can also unlock your safe, install a new one, replace your electronic lock machine, change the combination of your safe, and more. Experienced locksmiths at Safety Locksmith can safely install or replace your old safe with a modern and more secure one.

Repairing A Broken Lock 

If a burglar has attacked your home or company, then there are high chances that your lock requires changing. And changing a lock does not only mean replacing it with a new one. You need to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again. And to do that, you need high-end security locks that will offer maximum protection. A professional locksmith can tell you about the most suitable lock according to an area’s security level and will install it. A trained and experienced locksmith from our store will provide you with all the services to make your space safe for you to live.

Reasons Why Safety Locksmith Services Are Ideal For You

Safety Locksmith is always on duty to help anyone who requires emergency assistance, night or day. We efficiently tend to our customers’ commercial, residential, and automotive needs. Everybody wants a good locksmith service they can trust. Our emergency locksmith service in NYC is known for offering people the best results in the shortest amount of time.    

  • Emergency services often come at a higher price, but our services are very reasonable and of high quality. 
  • We have award-winning locksmiths who provide the best service in NYC. They are capable of providing premium security for your whole home or office buildings. 
  • Whenever you are stuck in an emergency, we will be there to help you 24 x 7. We are available all twenty-four hours and all seven days of the week.     
  • We provide every service, from replacing or duplicating a key to changing locks, updating your security system to rekeying your locks. 


If you have been searching for an emergency locksmith near me for hours and still don’t know which one to choose, then worry not; we have the ideal solution for you. Safety Locksmith emergency locksmith NYC pays attention to the details and does its work using expert technology and precision. Our experts understand the importance of security, and we only use the best products to make you feel secure. You can contact us on 212-534-7547 or visit our website to get the best professional service and security products. 


A locksmith can take up to fifteen to thirty minutes to make a new car key. That being said, the time it takes depends on your key types, such as a regular key or a transponder inserted key. If you want a transponder key made from scratch, it will take longer because the locksmith will have to program the chip according to your vehicle.  

If you use a locksmith from Safety Locksmith, they can open your lock without damaging the door. They are specialized and have training in doing all this kind of work effortlessly and without causing any damage to your property. 

Yes, a locksmith can unfasten any lock as long as they are not restricted by the government. They are very efficient in unlocking any locks in your car, house, and office. Apart from unlocking, they can also change or rekey your locks.

Professional 24X7 Emergency Locksmith NYC: Safety Locksmith

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