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Have you broken or lost your set of keys? And need a key cutting service in NYC to make duplicates? We are here at your service.Whether you have lost your key while on a trip or got stuck in the lock, many things can happen to your set of keys. And if you want to get your keys replaced or fixed, then you can contact Safety Locksmith for precision work and quality service. But first, let us tell you the kind of keys you can or can not replicate and where you can get the best service for your problem.

What Are The Different Types Of Keys You Can Replicate?

The things that most people are unaware of are that you can not duplicate every key. Locksmiths can make a lot of keys, but not every key can be replicated even by locksmiths. You can not ask to duplicate these keys because of the tools and machinery required to make these or because of the rights of duplication by the actual manufacturer of the lock and key. 

If you want a duplicate car or house key that has restricted access to something, then a locksmith can duplicate those for you, as it may result in heavy fines imposed by the state government. 

Now let us tell you the types of keys you can ask your locksmith to duplicate or replace. 

Safe Keys 

If you have broken or lost your safe keys somewhere, then worry not because we can replicate or replace any type of safe keys. There are thousands of different kinds of safes models, some ancient and some new. A locksmith can help make new keys for your safe, whatever the issue may be. But based on the design of the key, a key replacement or duplication time may differ.

Padlock Keys

Padlock keys are far less complicated than safe keys when it comes to making duplicates or replacements. Losing keys to the padlock happens more often than you think. These locks are generally used in many places to avoid theft, vandalism, or unauthorized use of places or goods. A locksmith can create a key for the padlock in far less time than safe keys. 

Car Keys 

There are different styles of car keys, such as standard, transponder, high security, and proximity keys. And all of these keys are designed differently and may require different types of equipment. However, most of the keys for modern cars can not be duplicated and only need to be replaced by a new one. 

Yale Keys

Yale keys are generally used for offices or homes. The main feature of this key is that they are composed of nickel plating on top for sturdiness. The keys are small and can be easily and swiftly made by a locksmith. 

House Keys

House keys are pretty small and are very easy to make. A locksmith can make your house keys in no time. These keys can be duplicated or replaced. 

How Long Does It Take To Cut A Key

Every key is different, and with the help of today’s machinery and tools, the key cutting process has become much easier. Also, the experience of the locksmith decides the time of key cutting. One of the several benefits that Safety Locksmith provides is experienced workers. If you want a key made, a locksmith can do that for you on the spot. 

Different types of keys can take a long time to be replicated or replaced. You can replicate your key in a few seconds, and if you want to get a newly cut key, the key cutting service in NYC can take up to 15-20 minutes based on the design and intricacy. Also, the amount of any key replicated or replaced may vary.

Why Should You Choose Safety Locksmith?

At Safety Locksmith, you get the best quality product and an expert to help you with your problem. We, as a company, have experience in this field, along with appropriate resources and trained people. You should choose our services for several reasons, but let’s focus on a few. 

  • If you use an amateur to make keys for your locks, they will most likely use cheap metal or make the keys less accurate and precise. And a key that is not made properly will damage the lock as well. That is why Safety Locksmith is what you need to get the needs of your key. Our experts have experience and professional training in this field and will give you polished keys and a perfect fit for your lock. 
  • Since most of the new car keys have transponders in them, it can be difficult for most locksmiths to make these car keys. But we have advanced tools that allow us to duplicate or replace your transponder key. Our key cutting service is cheaper than most of the dealerships in the area. Also, to make a replica of your key, we use laser technology. 
  • If you lost your keys and are locked outside, you can contact us for instant key duplication or replacement. The process of duplicating the keys is easy and quick. If you are looking to replace your residential, automotive, or commercial keys, then our experienced key-cutting service is irreplaceable. We can do that swiftly if you want to own a duplicate key for emergencies.     


Having the correct key for your lock matters a lot. So, if you are stuck in an emergency and are looking for a key cutting service near me, you only need to call us. We can fix or replace your keys or locks. Safety Locksmith’s key cutting service in NYC has become one of the most trusted brands in this field with our quality work and skills. Our precision work and service are evident in our work. Whatever type of key you require, from car to house keys, padlock keys to safe keys, and transponder keys, we can do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

A locksmith can provide a product that offers precision, quality, and craftsmanship. The experts know how to make any key within a short amount of time. They can even make keys with transponders for your new car. They can make a duplicate key.

The answer to this question is yes. They can make any car key. The modern technology car key features transponders, and professional locksmith services can make a replacement or duplicate keys for your car in no time.

If you have misplaced your car keys and want a new one, They can make a new one without the original key. If you use Safety Locksmith, you will get an economical price.

Professional Key Cutting Service In NYC: Safety Locksmith

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