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Got locked out or want to upgrade the security of your home or office? Well, upgrading to better and high-quality locks is the key to doing that. These essentials for any commercial and residential space provide safety like no other tool.
However, to get the most benefits of locks, you must choose the right kind for installation because only not every type of lock serves each type of security need. But the availability of varied types and varieties of locks makes it really hard to choose the locks that serve your purpose. Don’t worry. If you are sailing in the same boat, we have got your back. Here we will tell you about different types of locks and their uses so that you can make a wise decision.

And by the end, if you still find it hard to make a decision, connect with Safety Locksmith’s team of expert locksmiths, specify your security needs, and we will suggest the best lock for you. Well, the good news is if you are a resident of New York City, our team can also get the locks installed for you. 


Types Of Locks We Offer And Install

Safety Locksmith has a collection of various locks, from traditional to Digital. So go through the list of bolts we offer and install them for our clients.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

The Deadbolts provide a layer of security to your premises. But Jimmy Proof Deadbolts give you extra security against entry break-in attempts. It is an advanced bolt that secures prohibited areas and provides dual security to shutters, doors, and entrances. 


Mortise Locks

Mortise Lock is a basic locking door knob used in residences. It is also an ideal bolt for upgrading and replacing your door’s in-built bolts. Moreover, this Mortise Lock is suitable for installation in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and cupboard. 


Medeco Deadbolt

This Medeco Deadbolt has a universal lock set-upset-up that offers high-tech security. Also, this bolt is designed with triple-locking technology and is unbreakable. The bolt is suitable for both residential and industrial structures.


Schlage Deadbolt

The Schlage Deadbolt offers your entrance gate ultimate protection. It is made of premium-quality metal that gives more strength to your entrance door. Moreover, this bolts model is installable and coordinated with various styles and colors of doors. 


Hercules Deadbolt

The Hercules Deadbolts are the bolts that offer high protection to your private space. Locking and opening them with a key twist is easy and offers a good hand grip. It functions with a modern locking mechanism and works well in various conditions. Moreover, its amazing design fits with every home decor.


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Combination Lock

The Combination Locks are specially for Gym and school lockers to protect essentials from outsider intervention. It follows an anti-shim locking mechanism and works with codes and combinations for unlocking. Also, it’s lightweight, making it convenient to carry and fit in luggage bags and trolleys. 


Office lock

The office lock is dual-grade bolts with dual-keyed entries. It is suitable for installation in offices or business layouts. It has attached handles that work independently and is ideal for light and right-hand office doors.


Sliding Bolt

A sliding bolt is a traditional lock system twice stronger as the ordinary locking system. It offers extra security to your locker bathroom, room gate, bedroom, and kitchen. This bolt is more durable because it is corrosion-resistant and waterproof. Moreover, it is easy to install.


Round Lock

The Round Lock is an ideal lock for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It works with the padlock application to protect your space. Also, it is suitable for storage units, warehouses, trailers, garages, and outdoor gates. Moreover, it is available in various designs and sizes based on your door type.


Picking The Right Lock

The Residence and Business set-upset-up needs various locks and security systems. Safety Locksmiths suggest and provide the perfect lock for your home and office door based on your requirements. All you have to do is choose an appropriate lock from the collection we offer and leave the rest to us.

Residential Lock Installation

Safety Locksmith offers residential Lock installation for front and rear interior and exterior doors. We can install all types of locks in your home, including Lever Handles, cabinets, and NG standard Locks. Also, we have expertise in handling Electronic Smart Locks, Deadbolts, Knob Levers, High-Security Locks, Mortise Locks, and more. All our bolts are available in a series of patterns for different purposes. 

Commercial Lock Installation

The Lock system of the Commercial set-up should be more durable and strong than the Residential bolts as it contains important data and other stuff that needs to be protected. So whether you are looking for a Standard lock installation or an Electronic or Digital keyless lock, Safety Locksmith provides both the suggestion and installation service. We will help you pick the finest bolt commercial lock based on your requirement.  

Why Safety Locksmith?

As there are plenty of locksmiths providing Lock installation in NY, a few things made us stand out from others which are:

  • Fast and Efficient Lock installation service managed by skilled or trained locksmiths.
  • Availability of all kinds of locks, from traditional bolts to Digital keyless locks. Also, we provide all kinds of lock installation, including Smart Locks, Deadbolts Locks, Cylindrical Locks, Mortise Locks, Magnetic Locks, Cabinet Locks, Fingerprint Biometric Locks, and more.
  • We deal with Premium quality standard Bolts and related products to protect your property.
  • After completing our services, we ensure the bolts are functioning. Also, we take time to assist you in dealing with the installed locks before we leave.


If you seek professional lock installation service in NY, then Safety Locksmith is a name to count on. We have experience of about 20 years providing the finest locksmith services in NY. Our services include Lock installation, Lock replacement, and Lock repair. We provide varieties of high-quality locks and related tools at very reasonable prices. Also, our Locksmith services are available 24×7, so you can rely on us anytime. For any lock installation in your Residential and Commercial premises, Dial us at 212-534-7547 and

Professional 24-Hour Lock Installation Service In NY

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