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The 24-Hour Locksmith NYC: Emergency Service

Suppose you go to your yard to water plants, and while returning, you realize that you forgot to bring your keys with you and left them inside; this and many other things can create the situation of lockouts. Lockouts are situations that might occur to you at any time and anywhere. That is why it is essential to be prepared for it by keeping an expert locksmith in your contact list that can help you escape such situations anytime you need it.

If you are seeking a 24-hour locksmith in NYC, Safety Locksmith is the number one company for locksmith services. Whether for a commercial or residential area or automobiles, we offer our locksmith services everywhere and every time. From key duplication to lock installation, we cover everything related to lock and key.

Reasons To Call Safety Locksmith

The lockout situations are terrible, and calling out to us can help you escape such a horrible situation. Let’s go through all those reasons we are up for, and you can consider calling us.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

Sometimes you lose the keys to your office, home, or car, or they get stolen by someone. In that case, it is vital to call a locksmith to help you. The loss of keys can create an uncomfortable situation to be in, and on the other hand, stolen keys can affect the security of your place by giving power of access to others. In such a situation calling out to us can help you deal with the situation as we offer the service of rekeying or lock replacement.

Broken Keys

Due to daily use or metal weariness, sometimes the keys experience wear and tear that can lead to the breaking of a key inside the bolt. Such kind of situation seems worst and tough to deal with. In such a situation, calling us can help you get access to your premises by lock rekeying. Also, we offer a key-cutting service to give you a brand-new key and sometimes a lock replacement if required.

Damaged Bolts

Like keys, bolts can also undergo wear and tear, leading to their slow functioning or sometimes inability to function. Also, the locks can be damaged if some stranger or burglar tries to get into your residential or commercial premises. These kinds of activities lead to the weakening of locks to bear more pressure in the future and take much time and energy to open them. When you stand in such an uncomfortable situation, it is good to call us, as we can help restore or replace broken locks.


The most typical reason we seek a locksmith’s help is when we are locked out of our office, home, or car. Sometimes when you go outside to take a walk in your yard, grab the mail or newspaper or talk with neighbors but forget to bring keys, you get accidentally locked out. At that time, we can help you deal with the situation by providing access to your home.

Upgrading Home Safety

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed multiple technological advancements, such as upgraded bolts. Nowadays, we have plenty of choices in locks we can pick for our premises. Instead of picking a traditional lock, opt for a more advanced keyless lock that could enhance your safety. You can reach us to choose and install cutting-edge bolts on your premises from our comprehensive options. 

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Residential Locksmith NYC

We offer the best and most immediate residential locksmith service in NYC for homes and apartments. We are up for all your home lock-related requirements, as we know the house is the most comfortable and safe place to be in. Therefore, it is vital to have a great locking system to ensure your safety from outside strangers or Burglars. Moreover, sometimes we forget to bring keys while going out, which leads to lockout.

 To deal with lockouts or to install upgraded locks for more protection, we offer you residential bolts and installation in our service. Some of our residential locksmith services are:

  • Bolt replacement
  • New bolt installations
  • Door-knob bolt repair and installation
  • Rekeying

Commercial Locksmith NYC 

We provide the best and most durable commercial locksmith service in NYC for offices and workplaces. We have the expertise to deal with every type of lock. Workplaces or offices are those places where you invest more money than you ever invest anywhere in your lifetime. You can’t compromise with the work in these places as it can cause you loss. Therefore whenever you get stuck out of the office and face lockouts, you can contact us to seek our Commercial Locksmith service. We can help you with the following:

  • Lock repair and replacement
  • Panic bar
  • High-security bolts
  • Commercial locks installation

Commercial Locksmith NYC 

Automotive Locksmith NYC

Suppose you have broken a key in the car’s ignition; what should you do? It is vital to call an expert locksmith like Safety Locksmith to deal with this situation, as dealing by yourself can badly damage your car’s ignition. Apart from this, even if your car keys have been stolen or lost or you mistakenly leave the keys inside the vehicle, you can call us and rely on us to escape such situations.


Locksmith services are those you do not need now but might require in the future for your lock-related issues. Whenever you cannot access your premises like your home, offices, or even your car, it puts you in difficult situations where only a locksmith can help you. Therefore, choosing a locksmith that offers you 24/7 emergency locksmith services and 100% satisfaction is good.

Safety Locksmith provides full-time emergency locksmith services in NYC for residential, commercial, and automotive purposes. We aim to offer efficient, expert, and steady locksmith services at very reasonable rates. We handle every single issue with close care and observation to ensure our client’s 100% satisfaction with our work. To hire us for residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith services, you can dial us at 212-534-7547 or mail us at

The 24-Hour Locksmith NYC: Emergency Service

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