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Best Automobile Locksmith Service In New York

Suppose you return to your car after a long hectic day, realizing you don’t have the keys or might have left them inside. I am sure it’s quite a terrible situation to be in! Therefore, it is good to call an Automobile Locksmith immediately when you get locked out of your car and don’t get any quick idea to deal with it. 

An automobile Locksmith can help you with all lock-related issues and show you an escape route to get out of the lockout situation instantly.

What Does An Automobile Locksmith Do?

Auto locksmiths train primarily to deal with multiple lock-related needs and issues like unlocking vehicles, replacing car keys and entire locks, and detaching broken keys.

Automobile Locksmith helps you unlock your car or vehicle without using a key. Now you might think, is it possible? So yes, a locksmith can open a vehicle as they are trained and know strategies to deal with it. Depending on what type of car you own and what lock mechanism your car has, an automobile locksmith implements strategies to unlock vehicles.

Every locksmith uses the most basic strategy to unlock a car called “Jimmying.” It is the procedure where a slim jim or any thin metal slides between the car windows or on its door to ingress the lock. “Jimmying” results best with those older cars that still rely on the standard keys and don’t have advanced alarm systems.

To deal with the newer keyless car equipped with the latest security systems, car unlocking relies on “keyless remotes.” The automobile locksmith uses a VATS passcode detector to update the code to make access possible.

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Removing Cracked Keys

A car’s or any vehicle’s keys can be broken off by natural damage or any wrong turn. Although it’s not a common occurrence, it still requires a professional locksmith to deal with it whenever it occurs. Auto locksmiths use both key removal kits and tools to connect to these cracks and detach the key. These tools are small and made of a thin metal comprising tiny hooks at its end that attach locks. 

Also, if the key cracks in the car’s ignition, don’t try fixing it yourself. Because if in case, anything goes wrong while doing it, it can cost you way more during the repair process.

Copying Or Replacing Keys

The locksmith for automobiles generally deals with two kinds of car keys. The first is the car keys that are not connected to the fob or any electrical piece, and the other is the transponder keys.

Those car keys not joined to a fob are easy to make and are just like an identical residential key from a general home locksmith. 

And the cars that are joined with fob use transponder keys with a uniquely programmed chip to that car.

The car or vehicle will not start without the code-programmed ignition reading in the chip. You can hire an auto locksmith to duplicate a particular portion of the key fob, but in the case of transponder keys, you will require a bit more humph.

How Much Does An Auto Locksmith Charge?

The charges for Automobile locksmith services are based on several factors – location, time, and complexity of work and it keeps changing with them. Let’s have a look! Here are the costs for different automobile locksmith purposes.

  • A typical rate of calling out an auto locksmith is around $50 to $100 per hour, which raises between $75 to $125 per hour if you delay contacting them. 
  • Unlocking a car will cost you about $50 to $100, based on the locks’ complexity.
  • The procedure of lock changing can cost you around $75 an hour, which can raise up to $200 dealing with stubborn locks.  
  • The cost of rekeying the vehicle can lie between $50 to $300.
  • Replacing your car key with a brand-new key can cost you about $10 to $150. Also, if it is done by implementing more complicated methods that require chip programming, the given cost can rise-up.
  • To get a car’s new ignition switch, you usually expect to pay between $125 and $275, which covers getting both parts and the installation procedure.


What are the chances you might require the help of a Locksmith in Automobiles? You lose the keys, lock yourself out of the car, need to get lock changes or require a spare key for your lock. Any of the above reasons can generate the requirement for an Automobile locksmith. Thus, always hire a trustworthy Locksmith who can help you escape such situations instantly.

Safety Locksmith offers a full-time emergency locksmith service for cars, trucks, and other automobiles. Our emergency automobile locksmith service has the tools and machinery required while deal with vehicle locks. We have a team of expert technicians who deal with automobile lockouts professionally to provide quick solutions.

We can unlock the door bolt of the car in a zip and upgrade the car trunk bolt and door based on your needs and existing budget. To call us for emergency automobile lockout services, dial us at 212-534-7547 or mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

It is always important to contact your auto insurance company as they might suggest you some good locksmiths or can offer you related services for your benefit. Also, don’t forget to ask about their estimated charges while discussing with the locksmith.

Locksmiths are fully competent in replacing ordinary car doors and trunk locks. Sometimes car bolts just get weakened, which raises security issues. Getting a new lock replacement on a car door is good to ensure security.

Best Automobile Locksmith Service In New York

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