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Facing the locked-out situation in your office, car, or home is not a laughing matter. Also, home break-in and invasion cases are getting quite common these days. So, having extra keys or advanced security systems that can help you avoid any such problem is the smartest way to go. And for the best security and locksmith services NYC, you can contact Safety Locksmith. Safety Locksmith has been in service for two decades. Our specialists are proficient in all kinds of locksmith services. We offer you many services, including making duplicate keys or rekeying the locks for your car, office, or home. Our locksmiths can also help with the installation of different types of security systems and locks, such as key card locks or surveillance cameras. We offer complete home and office security options. So, whatever professional locksmith service you are looking for, we provide it. So, if you are looking for any of the services below, you can contact us right away. 

What Do Locksmiths Do? 

In case you are not so sure about the work of a locksmith, here is a brief explanation of what our locksmiths can do to help you out. As per common thinking, people only believe that locksmiths only deal with key-related issues. But that is far from the truth. With technological advancement, our locksmiths are not just limited to home and office locksmith services. In fact, we can do much more than that. 

We can now help you with your transponder car keys, security surveillance, safe unlocking, access control, and more. We offer more versatile services than ever. And our services are not just limited to a specific day or time. We also provide emergency 24*7 locksmith services. Following is the list of locksmith services that we offer. 

Automotive Locksmith Services NYC

Whether you are stuck outside your car due to a lost key or because of a broken key, our locksmiths can help you get out of any automobile locksmith issue. We take care and assess all the different reasons why the lockout occurred in the first place. Because often, it is not sufficient to just unlock your door for you. Our main aim is to avoid you getting locked out of your car again. We can unlock your car door, get a broken or stuck key out of the lock, make a new transponder key, or even replace or duplicate the key for your vehicle. 

CCTV Installation

Are you thinking about adding extra security to your home and office to keep them safe from burglars and thefts? They are an important part of a security system. They can upgrade your security and help you keep an eye out for all the things in your office and home. We offer CCTV installation services using the highest-quality cameras. 

But other than installation, we can also help you fix your security system. Since it is very important for security, you cannot trust just anybody with this work. The professionals at Safety Locksmith focus on providing you with the best security equipment and quality service. 

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Commercial Locksmith Services NY

Commercial locksmith services require something a lot more than making duplicate or replacement keys. And to provide you with all those special services, we have expert locksmiths that offer a wide range of services. We offer you something more besides regular key cutting, lock installation, and rekeying lock services. We provide you with an emergency service option. 

It ensures that we will come down and help you during emergencies, no matter what time or day. We can also install coded keypads, swipe cards, and biometric scanners to upgrade your security levels. Also, adding advanced alarm systems in your office buildings is a part of our installation services. We have the tools and means to create a comprehensive security system for your company.   

Intercom Installation

Intercoms are more than just a speaker system. With the advanced technology system, they now have several things to offer you. You can install intercom systems in your office and homes. You can use regular intercoms at your office entry points. Additionally, if you wish to enhance your space’s security, you can add video intercom systems. 

At Safety Locksmith, the best locksmith services in NYC, you don’t only get high-quality intercom installation services. We also offer follow-up services to help maintain and repair your safety equipment. We offer complete customer satisfaction and have experience with this work. Furthermore, our locksmiths provide installation services along with top-notch products. 

Key Cutting

If you have broken or lost your home or car keys, then professional key-cutting services are exactly what you require. Whether you are stuck inside your home or car, we can help you extract the broken key and make a replacement key. 

We use laser cutting and grinding techniques to give you a perfect fit key for your locks. Our replacement services are speedy so that you don’t have to wait long to get your keys. Also, if you have a broken or bent and want a duplicate key, we can create a duplicate one more quickly. Our work is fast and precise to make things easier for you.

Furthermore, not everybody can make transponder keys. But our professionals can duplicate or replicate those as well. A poorly made key can also damage your lock, which is why it is important to use precision-made keys. And we use laser technology to make perfect-fit keys.   

Lockout Locksmith Services NYC 

Getting locked out of your office or home is not something that you can predict. And thus, to help you during a lockout situation, we provide 24/7 locksmith services. Our professionals are experts in helping with lockout situations and are equipped with the right kind of tools to fix your problem. 

We can help replace or duplicate broken or lost keys, replace your faulty locks, and more. And if you are stuck outside your car, we can make or duplicate your transponder keys. Further, we can help you analyze the problem of lockout and fix it so you won’t have to face the same problem again.    

Lock Installation

No matter what type of lock installation you require. We can provide lock installation services for every kind of lock, whether for your office or home. For instance, if you want to add access control locks in your home or office, then our locksmith can suggest the best type of lock for your space. 

This access control system can help you keep track of who is entering your space and who has access to the space. We can install proximity cards, access control keypads, magnetic lock systems, swipe card locks, and biometric locks. Our professionals can help you secure your home and office with utmost care and professionalism.   

Lock Change

There can be several causes for you to change your lock. For example, you may want to upgrade your security, your lock is damaged, or you lost your keys. So, to help you achieve the maximum security and most sturdy lock, we have multiple options. We provide all types of locks and installation options. 

We have electronic and mechanical locks for your space. Not just your door locks, but we can also easily replace your window locks to provide all-over protection. We are reachable 24 hours and all seven days a week to help you deal with a lockout situation, including lock changing.

Safes Installation 

Safes are a requirement for many people in both office and residential spaces. A safe is where you can keep all your important things like jewelry, money, and important documents. At Safety Locksmith, we offer safe maintenance and installation services. Our experts can also guide you through the process of choosing the best safe according to your needs and space. 

We also provide a selection of safes like cashboxes, wall safes, custom safes, and floor safes. All our safes are sturdy and won’t damage or rust for many years. All the safes are water-proof, fire-proof, impact-resistant, dust-proof, and pry-resistant.

Emergency Locksmith Services NYC

At Safety Locksmith, we provide certain emergency locksmith services so that you don’t stand alone in times of need. We offer home lockout, safe lockout, car lockout, and office lockout services. Our emergency services are available at all hours and all days of the week. We can help you enter your car, home, office, or safe without problems. 

We respond quickly to all your service calls and lockout situations. And all our services ensure that you won’t have to wait long for the work to be done. We have all the essential tools and talent to ease you out of any situation.


If you have been searching for locksmith services near me in New York, then Safety Locksmith is the answer to all your problems. We offer the best, most professional, and most timely locksmith services in all of NY. What makes us different from other locksmith services is that we are just a call away from helping you. We are available the whole 24 hours and seven days a week. Our professionals pay attention to details and offer quality service.

Furthermore, you don’t have to go anywhere to search for quality security products and systems. We have got it all here in one place. So, don’t wait and give a call to the best locksmith service NYC at 212-534-7547. 

Frequently Asked Question

Rekeying the locks is the cheaper option among both options. If you change your lock, you will have to pay for both the parts and the locksmith. However, if you rekey your lock, you are only paying for the locksmith and nothing else. 

One of the most common tasks for a locksmith is changing locks or creating new combinations for safes. Locksmiths are often asked to take care of home safes, which include maintenance work and safe combinations. 

The answer to this question is yes. A locksmith can indeed open a locked door with ease. Locksmiths are highly trained to rekey a locked door without damaging the lock.

The cost of locksmith services varies based on the type of service. However, the average cost of a locksmith service is around $160. The highest cost is around $225, and the lowest can be $100.  

Professional Locksmith Services NYC | Safety Locksmith

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