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The Best Intercom Installation Services In NY: Safety Locksmith

Nowadays, everybody wants to make their place comfortable and high-tech, which is why an intercom is installed. It is a powerful security tool with other benefits that helps you live a peaceful life. But the Intercom will only offer you appealing features when it gets installed. Installing the Intercom is not enough, but its proper installation is always appreciated. Safety Locksmith comes up with the best intercom installation to get the best solution for your needs. It ensures the complete safety of your place.

An Intercom device is also known as a door phone. It is an absolute voice communication system used within a house, establishment, or series of buildings. It performs as an independent public telephone network. Thus, it can be a great extra tool for the property. Furthermore, it allows you to make basic announcements and play music in your building.

Moreover, it also lets you communicate with people in other rooms. The tool will also protect your place as it is a powerful security feature.

Benefits of Intercom Systems

The intercom systems are very useful and offer great security in our apartment, office, or multi-entry buildings.


The tenants looking for a place to live or work get attracted by a house with an intercom system. It ensures their safety in that building.

Secure Delivery 

Security is a prime factor in every building. With the growth in irregular routine and delivery, it is an essential part of building management to have the ability to manage access.

Decreasing Functional Costs

Based on the figure of tenants every second in the building, Business management can be a tough task. A primary intercom system provides security to the property management agency while providing convenience to its tenants.

Increasing The Building’s Reputation

Safety in the form of a suitable primary intercom system will ease the addition of new tenants for a very long time.

Grows Property Value

An intercom system raises the building’s value. Yet, it is expensive but worth investing in intercom installation because it prioritizes building safety.

Types Of Intercom Systems

Intercom systems have changed so much from past simple intercoms. They are now providing more advanced facilities for you. Here are the names of the Intercom Systems which we are offering.

Video Intercoms

Intercom systems can do a higher range of security for apartments and businesses. The facility to see the person at the entry point can identify thieves. Various Intercom models have properties that permit the user to record videos or take photos of the people trying to get access. You can visually communicate from the outside to the people sitting inside.

The video intercom has a night vision feature and a microphone to pick up the visitor’s voice. And it also consists of waterproof materials if it is outside. 

Access Control Intercoms

Business residences can also use the fusion of entrance controlling units with intercoms. This combination permits the benefit of remotely letting intercom systems access and safety to the building. Safety Locksmith has a broad range of control systems that can be combined with or constructed into our intercom systems.

Inter-Building Intercom Systems

Communication between two rooms through a device is time-consuming for many offices and residences.  Intercom installation systems permit direct communication and also building-wide communications. This is a brilliant way to use the concept of mass communication as a benefit during emergencies and to provide an important declaration that everyone should know.

Standard Intercoms

Many house intercoms have been developed to let you talk to someone standing at the front door, even without opening it. Other conveying points include the living room or such room where it is difficult to hear someone at the door. Moreover, businesses can use intercoms to command access for building security.

Video Intercom System Components

Basic components of the video intercom system include access stations, master stations, software such as mobile apps, and fixed cameras for watching entranceways. In big systems, various entrance stations might be linked to multiple cameras, master stations, and apps. These are generally joined with entrance control, permitting admins to unlock doors for guests remotely.

Intercom System Installation

The intercom installation system needs carpentry skills as well as wiring tasks. Because of battery-powered modules, some advanced intercom systems expand the structure without running wires in walls. The intercom system has a focal point that holds the electronic circuitry for voice communication. It also carries a tape or radio player if it also includes a music system.

A model installation includes a master station fixed at a suitable indoor and outdoor location. The outdoor substation is generally pinpointed at the front door, which also covers the button for the chimes or doorbell.

More complex set-ups permit the observation of any substation. Call initiates from one substation to the other or from the substation to the master station. Also, it allows privacy at the substation without being watched and music circulation to any or all substations.


Suppose you are looking for an intercom installation service in New York City. In that case, Safety Locksmith is here to offer the best quality installation services. Our team will provide you with full installation services and proper maintenance. 

While choosing others can be wrong because they may lack follow-up services. It would be great if you always went for a reputed installation company with good experience. Safety Locksmith has gained its name in the market because of its perfect and satisfactory customer service. To avail of our services, kindly contact 212-534-7547, or you can mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Intercom, you can gain access to control, which means a cane to see who is trying to get in sitting far from the door. Apart from home, you can use it in your office, complex, school, and airports.

An intercom system is an instrument that allows two-way communication between people. And it is also an automated device in different settings. It can send radio, music, voice, and even video messages with powered speakers. Some other devices have taken place over the Intercom, like digital telephone systems usually fitted along intercoms. They used to join distant places parted by doors or miles apart by phones.

Wireless systems simply install an intercom without running cable from the master station to the substations. Although, Experts of most home security systems still suggest a professional intercom installation to minimize the interference from other wireless devices in the household.

The Best Intercom Installation Services In NY: Safety Locksmith

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