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Want to get your home’s or office’s locks changed? Well, upgrading to better locks and security systems is one of the key factors in ensuring your home’s or office’s safety. According to the Zebra statistics, “in every 15 seconds, a home burglary takes place in the US.” So, don’t further delay the process of getting your locks upgraded with the right ones.
There are a lot of lock options to choose from, such as electronic locks, deadbolt locks, magnetic locks, etc. They all have different features, and you can make a choice based on your needs. However, with varied lock options available in the market, you might find it hard to select the one that matches your security needs. Don’t worry; we will guide you through the majority of the types of locks so that you can select the right one for your home, office, or any other facility.

Types Of Locks 

Technology and tools have been advancing rapidly and have made things better than ever. The same is true for the lock technology and installation service as well. Different locks serve different purposes. Let’s explore the ones that you can think about when making a purchase. 



Deadbolts are among one of the best locks for residential safety purposes. You can find numerous homes with deadbolts installed. They offer that extra layer of protection when we compare them with standard locks. The lack of springs makes the security of these locks even more advanced. You can install these locks on wooden, steel, or even fiberglass doors. 

Electronic Locks


If you want a replacement for your door locks and eliminate the need for keys, then electronic locks are just the right thing for you. These locks are highly advanced and have been more common in modern cars. Electronic door locks make use of “actuators,” which are the connection between the bolt to the motor, which you can find deep within the frame of the door. You can unlock the door only by providing it with the correct electronic output. These types of locks are suitable for adding security to any facility.  

Mortise Locks


Mortise locks are also among the commonly used residential door locks. Their appearance is very different from the cylindrical locks and offers more functionality. These locks are highly durable due to the extra levels of testing they go through and are highly functional, with the availability of more than 49 functions. You can also find various designs in these locks, which are often custom-made. 

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Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Locks


A Jimmy-proof lock may sound like a deadbolt lock, but it is very different. This Lock is oval-shaped, having a bolt and a flat side. You can use this type of Lock on either side of the door, irrespective of the swing of the door. The Lock’s design makes it difficult to access from the other side of the door. A jimmy-proof lock is also easier to install than many of the other locks, making it a favorite choice among locks. 

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Lock?  

While there is no specific price that can cover all the lock change services, there is certainly a price range. The range can also depend on various other factors. These factors are: 

  • Varying Labor and Installation Cost
  • Grade of the Lock
  • Difficulty in Installation
  • Door Lock Features

After taking all these factors into account, the cost of a door lock can be in the range of $50-$1000, including labor and other costs. The type of Lock you want to get installed will also affect the total cost, which may even fall out of the above-specified range. Any professional locksmith, on average, charges about $40-$100, which can go higher during times of emergency. An emergency locksmith can charge you between $100-$200. Here’s a table to better understand the prices of different types of locks. 

  • Deadbolt: $40-$200
  • Electronic Lock: $100-$300
  • Standard Lock: $40-$80 

There is also the option of installing the Lock yourself, but do understand that without proper expertise, the cost you incur may become much higher than what a professional would have cost you. 

When Would You Need A Lock Installation Service?

There can be many reasons why one would be in need of a lock installation service. If you have not thought much about the reasons for changing or upgrading your Lock, then here are some of the possible reasons why you should start thinking about it now. 

  • Upgraded Security

Whether it is a simple lock change or an upgrade to a new one with more features, the gist of getting a change of Lock is the security concerns posed by an old and worn-out lock. 

  • Compromised Security

If the security around the place has been compromised, such as a break-in in a neighbor’s house, or there has been an attempt to trespass on your property, changing your Lock would bring you more relief. It is a serious concern where a lock change service would help.

  • Missing/Stolen Keys

If the keys to your home have gone missing or were stolen, it also threatens security. Changing your Lock as soon as possible would require a lock installation service as well. 

  • Moving Into A New House

It is definitely a good idea to get a change of locks whenever you move into a new home or a living space. Doing so would eliminate the risk of unwanted access by the previous owners. 

  • Need Of Spare Keys

There can be a scenario when members of your family are out, and they take the key to the house with them. In such cases, a need for a spare key becomes essential, especially in times of emergency.   

  • Renovations

If you are getting your house renovated, then it is imperative that you also count the door locks or any other locks there may be. It will ensure that your renovated space is more secure than ever. 

Get A Reliable Lock Installation Service In NY

If you are looking for a professional lock installation service in New York, Safety Locksmith is here for you. We offer a wide variety of lock installation services which includes replacement, rekeying, and installation of locks. Our experienced experts are capable of working with many types of locks. Get installation of door locks, smart locks, and various other types of locks that you can think of for your home or your office. 

Safety Locksmith has been a reliable provider of lock change and installation for more years than you can count. We provide lock service for the top lock brands such as Segal, Kwikset, Simplex, Medeco, and more. You can browse our service online or visit our store and become another one of our valued customers. Give us a call and get your home the Lock you want.

Reliable And Pocket-Friendly Lock Installation Service In NY

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