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Top 9 Intercoms For Your Residential And Commercial Needs

Earlier, people used to communicate by metal tubing where a string connected two cans, and voice was carried away through it. However, nowadays, Circuitry-designed Intercom is a modern way to communicate by transferring and receiving voices and visuals. You must need Intercoms For Your Residential And Commercial Needs

Intercoms have been helping us simplify property access and protect residential and commercial buildings for many years. They can handle any visitor access and plays a very significant role in improving security and comfort at all properties. 

What Is An Intercom Device And How Does It Work?

The Intercom is an electronic system that allows Interpersonal communication between two people. It also grants property access to visitors in a building by opening a gate or door. It is used for a number of applications, but its major purpose is to allow communication and property access.

You can use intercoms to call the tenants in their building and communicate with them by transferring video and audio signals. The base station captures videos and audio and transfers them to substations. Then, it allows tenants to speak and see them before providing them access to their building. Sometimes a person who wants to get into your home can be a thief or someone with bad intentions, so it’s important to know and identify that person before allowing them into your home.

Best Intercom Systems ( House & Offices)

Here are the best 9 Intercom Systems for you that you can install in your house as well as offices:

Audio Door Intercoms

These Audio Door intercoms are designed for the home and offer you clear communication with a volume regulation button. It has dual lights as a door and an audio opening indicator and also includes some other keys for lock opening in case of power failure. Its unit dimensions are depth(30mm), length(110mm), and width(90mm), and it is suitable for hospitals, homes, and small offices.

Video Door Intercoms

It is a mobile-like intercom offering advanced video security and high-quality communication. Its front section comprises a speaker for clear output and a 4MP camera to record visuals. Also, it comes up with a card sensor that unlocks the door. This Intercom does the IP recording of people who visit, and also, the door lock passcode can be fixed using the numerical buttons. These intercoms are used in public and office buildings.

Audio Indoor Station 

This full white-finished plastic Audio indoor Intercom offers qualitative communication with visitors without any barriers. It is configured with a wi-fi connection and works as a handset to communicate. Furthermore, it has three buttons with dual indicator lights on the upper side of the Intercom. It is used in homes, nursing homes, and smaller buildings.  

Video Indoor Station 

This Video, Indoor Station, has advanced security features and large IP display visuals. It has weather and time features at the display’s sidebar, four menu buttons, a door lock, and audio settings at the bottom. This latest Intercom supports Ethernet, wi-fi, and Power Over Internet(POE). Moreover, a round-shaped mic records high-quality voice, and it can be easily fixed by following its user manual.

Classic Intercoms

This Intercom is used in restaurants, liquor stores, and security guard units. It is a reconstructed form of the old model. Furthersome, it comprises indicator lights for power, audio, battery standby, warning, and an internal mic, which permits you to record standard voice. The Intercom has a power and volume button to make it user-friendly and adaptable to other wired systems.

Handsfree Intercoms 

This compact-size Intercom is hands-free that can be installed on the wall. It is formed with stainless steel and polished brass, which makes it scratch-proof. Also, it has a programmable VOX that allows you to switch the mics and speaker speed. Moreover, its auto-answer feature facilitates hands-free communication and can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial door security.

IP Network Intercoms

This type of Intercom provides audio web communication across the Internet or Ethernet, which can be fixed using the existing wiring of the LAN. It consists of important security features that can activate using the buttons. There are indicators, a monitor, and a volume button in its front section, with large speakers on the right that deliver crystal-clear audio. The installation of this Intercom is very easy, and it is used in classrooms, guard desks, and entrance doors.

Bell For Intercoms

This Intercom is a light weighted bell with a 360-degree front camera and a storage range of 19 GB. It features a USB 3.0 port that works with a type C cable, and its memory can also be expanded using an external SD card. Moreover, its modern F2.0 front lens records the visuals in 2160p.

Bell For Video Intercoms 

This smart video intercom has a motion detection feature that can detect every minute movement outside the door whenever anyone presses the ring button. Sometimes it’s difficult to observe the movements in low lights, but with the help of its infrared sensor, you can notice even in dim lights. Also, it allows you to talk with visitors from this device with the help of a doorbell camera and a monitor. This Intercom works in six languages, used in homes, buildings, offices, and hotels.


Intercom systems are now becoming very important for residential and commercial purposes and come with the latest technological advancement. Also, there are wireless intercoms that combine smartphones into the system. However, it’s just the beginning, and we can still expect more and more innovations in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on its functionality and features, an Intercom system costs vary from $500 to $5000 or more. This cost does not involve current service or maintenance of the intercom system, which can include replacement parts, upgrades, or added fees.

The step-by-step tips on how to use an intercom are as follows:

  • Use the Intercom at the gate or door to find the tenant you want to call. 
  • Fill in the tenant’s code or press a button to contact them.
  • The tenant responds to the call with the help of their cell phone, in-unit device, or a landline phone.
  • If the renter wants to access, they press a ‘door open’ button to unbolt the gate or door on their intercom device.

Here are the usually nine types of intercom systems and which are:

  1. Video intercoms
  2. Wired intercoms
  3. Wireless intercoms
  4. Audio intercoms
  5. Outdoor intercoms
  6. Commercial intercoms
  7. Office intercoms
  8. Apartment intercoms
  9. Gate intercoms
Top 9 Intercoms For Your Residential And Commercial Needs

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