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What Are Exit Devices, Their Need, And The Top 5 You Must Have?

Safety is our utmost priority. Every entry and exit door of our home or property needs to be properly equipped to allow access; the exit devices are perfect for that. They provide security in your home and offices and don’t let any other unauthorized person access the building. That is why it is essential to pick the correct safety devices that allow a safe exit in an emergency. Let’s read more about the exit devices in New York that you can go for.

What Are Exit Devices And How Are They Important?

Exit Devices, called touch bars, push bars, or panic bars, play a significant role in unexpected and sudden situations. These devices, mounted on the door sides, allow an easy and quick exit once pushed in an emergency. You may have noticed them in schools, sporting venues, and other areas with lots of traffic. 

Nowadays, the latest model of exit devices, such as push bars, allow doors to open automatically if there is a crowd of people inside the doors. If there is a fire inside the building and people start panicking, they can easily go out from the exits. Moreover, exit devices can also help meet insurance needs or reduce insurance costs.

Types Of Exit Devices

There are majorly three types of exit devices.

Rim Style: This is the most regular and surface-mounted exit service equipped with a lock above the surface-mounted strike. 

Bolt Rim: A bolt rim is the latest exit device with a deadbolt locking structure extending on the strike’s top, reducing the space between the bolt and the strike.

Mortise Lock: This Mortise exit device is fixed on the swaying door and is only used on a double door system. It has a mortise bolt in the gate area at the door’s rim and is a significant part of the exit device.

Benefits of Exit Devices

Here are three benefits of exit devices other than allowing you to exit the building :


If it’s a situation of a flood, fire, or security issue, exit devices help us leave the building with just one push of the spring-loaded bar. That means it increases our safety in every unexpected situation, which is its prime benefit.


This device not only saves us from fire or flood by allowing us emergency exit but also from people with bad intentions. Because it gives you the charge to allow someone at your place, and you can prevent any unauthorized person from entering your building.


Buying exit devices is not affordable, but you can save money on your insurance rates. So always check or ask for discounts from the insurance provider while purchasing exit devices.  

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Best Exit Devices For Your Needs

The best exit devices for your commercial and domestic needs are:

Rim Exit Device


This single swing exit device has a durable rim that allows easy door opening during an emergency. The device’s body is made of alloy, brass, and stainless steel, which prevents corrosion. This T-shaped device’s dimensions are length(39”) and width(6.5”). Moreover, the device is provided with Hex Key dogging for easy door opening on both sides.

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device


This vertical rod-shaped exit device is best for commercial and residential doors that offer accurate friction for the smooth door-opening process. It comprises the crash rod handle and long rod made for 1-¾” to 2 inches thick and 7 feet long doors. The device has built-in machine screws and metallic sheets and follows the standard installation procedure.

Exit Device


This exit device is designed from fabricated steel with powdered brass and aluminum coating suitable for wooden gates of hotels, retail spaces, and office exit doors. Moreover, the kit comprises screws, mounting hardware, and a user manual that can be used for both sides of the door, which are 28-48 inches in width. The device allows quick and safe exit by working on the dogging mechanism. 

Mortise Lock Exit Device


This exit device is formulated for narrow door styles suitable for single and double glass doors. Due to its body weight’s high pressure on the rod, it releases a lock automatically and offers a safe and quick exit. It follows a locked trim procedure for security and operations using a vertice rod and mortise lock. Moreover, the device comprises wood and machine screws for its fast installation.  

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device


This versatile exit device is made of stainless steel that can be used in hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, and emergency exit doors. It is easy to install with inclusive hardware, screws, and a manual guide and is suitable for both metallic and wooden doors of 28-36 inches. Try to counter incidents such as sawing through the built metal rod. Also, It helps in fast exit during emergencies with the help of a solid spring.


Safety Locksmith has been providing security and all locksmith services for over the years, so you can trust us with your need for exit devices. When you merge the benefits of an exit device with its affordable cost, it is worth purchasing. And because they are so important, they need to be installed by a professional locksmith with years of experience and expertise. To avail of the best Exit Devices in New York, feel free to call us at 212-534-7547 or mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Rim exit devices are a kind of alarm device used on out-swaying doors. They can have levers or trim on the other side of the door and be labeled as an alarm or fire-rated hardware. It can be used on both single as well as double doors.

Emergency exit is important as it is a safe and clear way to get out of any building or structure during a fire or flood. So make sure the devices are ready to use in such situations.

A panic bar, also known as a panic device or crash bar, is used for unlocking a door as quickly as possible in an emergency. It is formulated for life safety compliance and comprises a spring-loaded metal bar installed horizontally inside an egress-opening gate.

What Are Exit Devices, Their Need, And The Top 5 You Must Have?

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