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Different Types Of Security Cameras And Where To Buy Them

Who doesn’t love keeping eyes 24/7 on their home to see how their kids are doing? Or, someone may want to monitor their office activities when they are not there. Every person wants to look after their premises in their absence, so installing a security camera is essential. The Security cameras allow you to observe every single activity happening when you are not around.

Regarding security cameras, we should be aware that multiple types of cameras are suitable for different places and purposes. Let’s read about all the different types of security cameras to make it easy for you to purchase the right one. Furthermore, we have included the best place to buy all these cameras at reasonable prices and top quality.

Security Cameras

Types Of Security Cameras

Most are concerned about their premises’ safety and want to secure their home or offices even in their absence. Adding a security camera eliminates your worry about your premises, which is why we have made a list of all types of security cameras so that you can choose the right camera without compromising your security needs.

So, check out this list of various features and specifications these cameras hold. 

Weatherproof Bullet Camera

The weather-resistant bullet camera has a powerful lens of 4MP at the front, capturing videos at 30fps. At night, this camera takes clear pictures in compressed H.250. In addition, its 24-hour monitoring feature gives you a sigh of relief as it works and takes care of your residence both day and nighttime. Furthermore, its specific material allows it to work in different weathers with an IP67 rating and temperature ranging from -22 °F – 140° F.

Moreover, this advanced camera detects even a slight motion using sensors. And it sends an alert when somebody intervenes in your premise’s safety.


Wireless Color Night Vision Security Camera

The wireless color night vision security camera provides additional security to your living place with its feature of color night vision. Moreover, the visuals of this security camera are high-resolution, full-colored, and in a low-light state.

Furthermore, you can easily install this camera at the entrance gate and on the wall to record every moment. Just connect this camera to the remote device and access it anytime you want.


Wireless Color Mini Pinhole Covert Camera

This camera easily hides in place and clearly captures the visuals. This camera has three separate cameras, which are there for undercover purposes, keeping an eye on various spaces simultaneously. Also, it possesses a power supply or a battery that operates the camera, supporting alternating current with a balanced voltage.

Furthermore, color video recordings are available and easy installation by linking the plug-in arrangement. The covert pinhole camera is suitable with the VCR, DVR, TV, and computer system for taping purposes.


Mini Indoor Camera With Infrared LEDs And Motion Sensors.bmp

The mini indoor camera is an advanced camera that offers security to the inside spaces of your residential or commercial building. It is small, making it portable for fixing at any small office or house. In addition, this camera records and monitors videos in 1080P and promotes 2-way audio to capture movement with digital sensors.

Moreover, it has a live discussion mode, allowing you to talk to friends and family. And its front speaker gives clear output. Furthermore, it is easy to set up this indoor camera in minutes and switch it on, following the guide’s guidelines.


B & W Outdoor Camera

The B & W outdoor camera has a bullet shape and can capture videos in black-and-white mode. The camera has a solid plastic build and even works in massive rain. In addition, it has a 5MP strong lens with infrared LEDs at the front. Also, these LEDs automatically turn on in dim light.

Moreover, this camera has a motion detector that alerts when some outsider triggers that zone.


Black & White Indoor Camera With Infrared LEDs

The black & white indoor camera with infrared LEDs is one of the best cameras that show you a complete view (180-degree) of the inside of your house, even in dim light. Also, this camera has an 8MP front lens with many infrared LEDs near it.

Furthermore, its high-quality camera records the visuals or images in high resolution or HD quality. And this camera kit comes with mounting screws that simplify the installation process.

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Outdoor Color Night Vision Camera

The outdoor color night vision camera is a primary 5MP camera with a 2.8 mm broad-angle lens and CMOS sensor that records ultra-HD visuals. Now, talking about its build, this camera’s outer portion is made of sturdy plastic and has IP67 waterproof grading.

Also, it supports 24×7 color night vision for outdoor applications and is suitable with CVI, AHD, TVI, and Analog DVR.


Day & Night Color Bullet Camera

The day & night color bullet camera supports the recording of color visuals, capturing both day and dusk chromatic images. It has a 2MP front camera providing high-quality output and works even better when connected to DVR.

This camera tapes visuals in 1920 x 1080 and has LEDs to allow better night vision. Also, this camera is made of waterproof plastic, is IP67-rated, and is very easy to install following the general guidelines.


B & W Outdoor Camera With Infrared LEDs And Motion Sensors.bmp

This B & W outdoor camera is a modern camera featured with digital motion sensors. It can record videos with a broad angle. In addition, it has a protective cover that protects the camera lens during rain or bad weather. This camera supports IR LEDs and high-resolution recording with a CCD visual sensor.

Moreover, installing this camera is relatively easy and can be done with available mounting screws and cable.


The Best Place To Buy All Types Of Security Cameras

There are endless security system cameras in the market. Even if you know your requirements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices. These cameras differ in properties, purposes, and places you can fit. That is why choosing an appropriate camera that matches your requirements is essential.

Safety Locksmith takes full responsibility for the security of your premises. Hence, we offer you an extensive collection of security cameras for your home and offices, including installation. Dial us at 212-534-7547 or mail us at to get the right security camera based on your requirement.

Different Types Of Security Cameras And Where To Buy Them

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