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What Are The Different Types Of Locksmith Services?

Do you know more than 16,000 house or car lockouts happen daily in the US? And locksmiths are the primary source of help we look for in such conditions. These locksmiths are known to come to your rescue within 30-45 minutes, sometimes a little late based on your location and undo the things as they were without burning a hole in your pocket.


Thus, to cope with a lockout, the quickest solution is to call a locksmith. However, is it the only service that you require them for? If not, what other services can a locksmith provide and you can benefit from? Let’s find the answer to all of these questions in detail.

What Does A Locksmith Do?

Locksmiths are professional people who are trained to work with locks and keys. The work they do includes duplicating the keys, replacing locks and even, when required, breaking the locks. They have knowledge of various types of locks, such as electronic locks, mechanical locks and keyless entry systems. Moreover, they are professionals in key duplication, rekeying locks and key cutting.

Additionally, a locksmith ensures the security of your belongings and premises. They have practical knowledge, problem-solving abilities and technical skills. With all these, they can easily solve a wide range of issues related to security and locks.

An Overview Of Locksmith Services?

It is a misconception among people that locksmith services only consist of locks and keys. However, they offer various professional services like lock installation, key cutting, and more! Additionally, professional locksmiths are well-trained in various technologies and techniques.

Types Of Locksmith Service A Locksmith Offers

Locksmiths are not limited to just cutting keys anymore. They also provide various services to keep your house or office safe and secure. Below are some of the services that locksmith provides.

Key Cutting Service

Key cutting service is one of the widely used services of the locksmith. The service is mainly used when you lose or damage your house or car keys.

Types Of Key Cutting Service

Simple key cutting: In simple key cutting, the locksmith looks into the lock pattern or, with the help of the tools, makes a duplicate key similar to the primary key to open the lock. The tools used to make the duplicate keys are duplicate machines or a key cutter.

Advanced or complex key cutting: It is a unique process used for automobile locks, and the tools used to do this process are an electronic transponder and other advanced locks.

Emergency Locksmith Service

What will be your reaction when you lock yourself out of your house or car at night or lose your car or house keys in an unknown location? I know you will be hell-scared.
In this situation, the emergency locksmith service will help you get rid of the problem. Things included in 24/7 emergency locksmith service:

  • Duplicating the primary keys
  • Fit new locks
  • Change the old locks
  • Key cutting
  • Repair burglary attempts
  • Help gain access to your home or car

Automobile Locksmith Service

This service is specifically for automobiles, especially cars and other vehicles that have smart, electronic or computerized keys. However, if your car has an automated key mechanism, it is impossible to bypass in most cases. But, a locksmith with specialized training can only access the locked vehicle.

Some other automobile locksmith services are:

  • Gain access to the car with a key inside it
  • Repair with the help of a remote control
  • Duplicating or replacing the car keys
  • A locksmith recognized by the MLA can efficiently and safely remove the keys from the ignition.

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Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial places such as garages, warehouses, hotel company offices and others use advanced and complex security systems compared to the residential areas. These big buildings use complex security locks such as turbo locks, lock systems, keyless systems, biometric lock systems or smart door security locks.

That is why there is a need for skilled technicians who can look out for the maintenance of these security and safety locks. The locksmiths install these keyless or biometric security locks in commercial buildings and insert high-security locks to protect sensitive documents.
The commercial locksmith is only responsible for the regular maintenance of these smart lock systems.

Other services include:

  • Resolving the biometric and smart lock issues
  • Duplication of the security keys
  • Maintenance and installation of CCTVs

Residential Locksmith Service

Residential locksmith service is the common service that is available in any region. The professionals know how to crack the residential locks, and most of the time, they also provide commercial locks and security. Most residents take help from the residential locksmith in cases where the main door or room keys are lost at the time of move-in/out.

Other tasks performed by the residential locksmith:

  • They can install panic hardware
  • Can handle emergency lockout
  • Can install CCTV
  • Smart home security system installation
  • Duplication of high-security keys

Forensic Locksmith Service

In the forensic locksmith service, the locksmith takes the help of the scientific method of analyzing and gathering and, with that, understands the anatomy of the lock and breaks down the lock’s parts.

Moreover, forensic locksmiths play an important role in a crime investigation. The team crime investigation takes help from the locksmith so that they can solve the cases by collecting facts & figures, details and evidence for a specific criminal case.

Some Of The Other Locksmith Services

  • Installing the new locks
  • Duplicating lock keys
  • Replacing lock keys
  • Locksmith builds management services

Cost Of Locksmith Services

Generally, a locksmith charges $50 to $75 per hour or locks with the additional fee of the visit. The job of locksmith may cost around $50 or $400 depending on the following factors:

Emergencies: You have to pay extra for service on weekends or nights.

Type of lock: Compared to standard manual locks, the cost of electronic locks is more to repair, open or install.

Service: There will be a price difference between rekeying the whole house and opening a car door.

Fee: Generally, you pay a fee on the visit of a locksmith, which can be more in rural areas or other out-of-the-way areas.


Most of the time, you will need a trustworthy locksmith whenever you are stuck in an emergency. A locksmith with good experience will handle the situation easily, and you will get the best results. Are you looking for a reliable locksmith service? Stop searching! Safety Locksmith is here for you! We are one of the trustable locksmith service providers who provide the different types of locksmith services for your convenience. Our locksmith service is quick, affordable & safe, and without any worry, you can rely on us.

What Are The Different Types Of Locksmith Services?

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