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Reliable & Budget-Friendly Lock Replacement Service In NYC

Locks are one of the basic pieces of hardware we install on our doors to increase the security of our premises (houses & offices). But like every other hardware, bolts also get eroded and damaged over time, which weakens the security of your place. Thus, whenever you find any major issue with your lock, it’s important to replace it with an extra strong and secure lock. The right lock can increase security, improve accessibility, warn criminals, and offer peace of mind.

Now that you understand how faulty locks are annoying and pose a security threat, call out a locksmith and get your lock replaced on time. Looking for a lock replacement service provider in NYC? Safety Locksmith is a go-to option for you. We provide one of the most reliable and budget-friendly lock replacement services to both residential and commercial areas. Also, we deal with many locks and related issues that often come your way. 


Reasons You Should Replace Your Locks

We all know that a broken or damaged lock is one of the major reasons for lock replacement, but this is not the only one. Besides lock disrepair, there are several other reasons to replace house bolts. Let’s read about them. 

Wear And Tear

Locks are those that are used on a daily basis. And because of frequent locking & unlocking, these locks often face wear and tear. It is especially true if you have no idea how old that lock is or if its previous owner applied excessive pressure to it. Exterior locks can also rupture due to natural causes or bad weather. Also, if the lock begins to rust, it can weaken the lock from the inside, making it easy for burglars to break in. 

Lost Keys

In our busy lives, we often lose keys to our offices, houses, and safes that will end up in a stranger’s hand. In such situations, replacing the lock with a brand-new key is safer to eliminate controversy or break-ins. 

Malfunctioned Lock

Damaged and malfunctioning locks are one of the major reasons for calling out a locksmith for lock replacement. If you are facing a problem turning the key or if your lock has been damaged for any reason, the bolt might not lock or open entirely. So, if this situation ever comes your way, it’s good to go for lock replacement options before it generates the risk of total lockout.  

Bought New Apartment

It’s a suggestion that if you are moving to your new house or apartment, replace its old and pre-existing lock in the first place. Sometimes, landlords and property managers do not change the home locks, even if these bolts have served multiple renters or homeowners. It poses a risk since previous renters might have duplicate keys. It’s not like they will use those keys for false intentions, but caution is better. Thus, the replacement of locks is vital as it eliminates potential security risks and helps you enhance the safety of your premises.  

Recent Break-In Incident

If you or anyone in your neighbourhood has been victimised by any break-in incident, it’s important to replace your locks with extra-strong bolts for better safety. If the burglar has tried to enter your premises by exerting brute force, there is a possibility your lock might get damaged. However, if the thief used a poorly hidden spare key or entered by picking the bolt, it could lead to some drastic consequences. 

Now your lock is not strong and safe enough and is easily breakable, which can give criminals a chance to target you again. Thus, the replacement of locks is important to eliminate such security risks. 

Security Issues

A traditional single-cylinder bolt might have served you well in the past, but these bolts are now becoming one of the major reasons for easy break-ins. It’s high time to ditch the traditional locks and go for something stronger and more secure. Extended reports of violence, strings of break-ins, and vandalism are some of the significant signs that your neighbour is becoming less safe. Also, mass-produced and weak defence locks are the first to get targeted when crime moves into your homes and nearby areas.  

Design Update

Apart from the safety issue, the locks can also be replaced with a simple change of style. If you are putting your home up for upgradation or renovation, you can consider replacing doors and door locks too. Update the design of your door bolt and update your door with a more functional accessory.

Types Of Locks “Safety Locksmith” Deal With

There is a wide array of bolts that we have and deal with. We provide rekeying, repair, and replacement of these bolts and offer your premises the utmost safety. Let’s go through the types of locks we offer to replace. 

  • Medeco Deadbolt
  • Schlage Deadbolt
  • Hercular Deadbolt
  • Lock-Top Guard
  • Jimmy Proof Deadlock
  • Mortise Lock
  • Combination Lock
  • Office Lock
  • Round Lock
  • Removable Lock

We offer lock replacement services in NYC for both household and business setups. Also, all our lock services are under minimal charges. Whether you need to rekey your lock or replace it entirely, you can rely on us. 

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Our Residential Lock Replacement Service

Locks are one of the essential pieces of hardware that prevent break-ins and protect your home. If your locks have been old or worn out, it’s time to replace them by calling us. We have a full-fledged team of locksmiths that visits your place and offers super-secure locks for replacement within your budget.  


Our Commercial Lock Replacement Service

In comparison to residential setups, commercial setups require stronger and more durable bolts with advanced features. And safety locksmiths have an array of ANSI Grade 1 digital and advanced bolts to meet your requirements. Our locksmiths suggest and install the best bolt based on our requirements, ensuring full safety for your business. 


Our Automotive Lock Replacement Service

Sometimes, your car faces locking mechanism issues. These issues include damaging, sticking, and jamming car door locks. We, with our quick and reliable automotive lock replacement service, provide you with a replacement of car door locks and assure your safety. 


How Much Does A Lock Replacement Cost?

Sometimes, because of security reasons, you need to replace the old, pre-existing bolts with brand-new locksets. Depending on the type of lock you are installing on your premises, the price range of a lock replacement service varies. On average, the lock replacement service costs you between $40 and $100, with additional $15 to $40 labour charges. 

And if you are thinking of replacing your lock with Bluetooth-equipped electronic locks, it will cost you way more. Even if the installation of electronic and advanced locks is worthwhile, it can cost you up to $2,000. Also, it comes with the benefit of never losing keys again. 

Whenever you need a lock replacement service in NYC, Safety Locksmith is ready to help you. Just call us right away and leave the rest to us.

Reliable & Budget-Friendly Lock Replacement Service In NYC

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