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24×7 Key Duplication & Key Copy Service, NYC: Safety Locksmith

Being locked out of the home, office, or car is one of the worst feelings one can imagine. However, as these situations are quite common, help is always available. This is when you call for key duplication service. Whether you need a new key made for your vehicle or front door, an expert locksmith can come to your door and help you with that.

Safety Locksmith offers 24/7 key duplication and copy services in New York City. Our team of locksmiths is equipped with proper training and tools to help you in all emergencies with all types of keys. It doesn’t matter whether you require high-security locks, traditional keys, or car keys; we have the right machinery to cut out a custom key as per your needs.


Our Locksmiths Help With All Types Of Keys

There is a wide variety of keys available that can help you complete your task. At Safety Locksmith, we provide key copy service for every key type. Here are what types of keys we deal with:

  • Transponder key
  • Magnetic key
  • Double-sided key
  • Dimple key
  • Laser cut key
  • Spare key
  • High-security key
  • Master key
  • Four-sided key

We duplicated keys for cars, residential spaces, and commercial spaces. We offer fast and reliable key duplication service. If you’ve lost your keys and have urgent requirements for new ones, dial us, and we will send a locksmith professional to your location. Our services are active in New York City, where we produce high-quality keys that function the same as your original ones. Whether you require key repair or replacement, you can depend on our professional key duplicator.

How Can Safety Locksmith Key Duplication Service Help You?

Keeping a duplicate key in your pocket is important to escape awful situations like lockouts. Safety Locksmith provides you with a high-quality duplicate key every time you call our professional. We help you with various types of lockout situations, including:

Helps At The Time Of Lockouts

When you leave your place, you may forget to carry the keys but lock the doors. This situation is called lockout and is very frustrating to be in. It can happen anywhere and anytime, in your home, office, or car, creating a hassle for you. Thus, having a duplicate key with you is crucial to get in without breaking the door and damaging the property. Our duplicate keys will let you into your house, office, and car without wasting your precious time and money.


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To Allow Access To Other Members Of Family

The idea of key duplication is excellent for people who live together because it can allow your family members to enter the premises anytime they want. Suppose multiple people in the same office and house rely on a single original key. Yes, we know you must be thinking how chaotic it will become.

Also, it will create much trouble in times of emergency when one can’t go out until the other house member comes and takes charge of it. Thus, it’s important for home and office owners to keep a duplicate key with them to avoid such situations. We are here to help you with our key duplication service.


Helps You When Your Key Breaks

When the same key is used over the years, it can get damaged or weak. The key can break or bend while inserting it at a bolt or stop working because of users’ unfamiliar patterns. No matter the situation, Safety Locksmith key duplication service is always at the rescue in such cases. Having an extra key reduces the chances of owners worrying about access and allows them to get into their premises using a duplicate key.


How Much Does The Key Duplication Cost?

The costs of copying a key depend on many factors, such as where the copy is made, the type, and the machinery used to make it. If it is the basic home key duplication, it will cost you very low, about $1. In contrast, modern car key duplication charges are expensive, generally between $30 to $175. Also, for some top car brands, this charge can go up to $1,000 or even more for a new key fob.

Best Emergency Key Duplication Services In NYC

Whether you want home key duplication, car key duplication, or office key duplication service, you can rely on Safety Locksmith for all your needs. Our key copy service is fast and reliable. We deal with various keys, including Medeco keys, Schlage keys, car keys, Mul-T-Lock keys, Nabob keys, Yardeni keys, and Yale Keys.

Apart from basic keys, we duplicate the latest automotive keys with transponders. We are up for all locksmith services, from lock replacement to key duplication. We have several qualities that make us and our services stand out from other Locksmiths.

  • High-grade key duplication and other related locksmith services at competitive prices
  • 24X7 emergency services for cars, homes, and offices
  • Quick response time
  • Team of trained and skilled locksmiths
  • Deals with all kinds of regular & modern keys
  • Assure 100% client satisfaction

Our locksmiths can quickly duplicate the key and help you during lockouts. To call our locksmith for quick and reliable key duplication or related services, contact us at 212-534-7547 or Give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you give your key to a hardware store or locksmith for key duplication, the key-cutting process can take about 30 seconds. Then, the locksmith reviews the state of the current key to decide on the right blank. After that, the blank and existing keys are placed into the key copying machine to cut a required key copy. And all this procedure takes a couple of minutes, and you get your key by that time.
Safety Locksmith is one of the finest locksmiths in NYC that provides the fastest key duplication and related locksmith services.
Although the cost of basic key copying is not so much, there are still some ways you can save some bucks while copying a key, and they are:
  • Making a spare key before it’s needed
  • Buy multiple key duplicates 
  • Buy blank from other sources
24×7 Key Duplication & Key Copy Service, NYC: Safety Locksmith

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