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High-Security Locks Installation In Homes & Offices (NYC)

According to the FBI, the US witnesses over two million robberies yearly. Of these, 60% of break-ins result from forcible entries and lock picking. This percentage can be reduced if you install high-security locks on your buildings. These locks protect your premises with a strong shield and make it tough for burglars to break in. So if you are looking for residential or commercial high-security lock installation service, you no longer need to worry. Safety Locksmith is here to install high-security locks on your premises at very reasonable prices. Also, we are up for related emergency needs. 


What Are High-Security Locks?

High-security locks are more robust and secure bolts. It gives our homes and offices an extra layer of safety and makes us feel more secure. Also, these bolts have complex and safe lock cylinders inside them with a premium key control that doesn’t allow thieves to pick them. It is important to hire a professional Locksmith to install high-security locks. They can help you choose the right bolt based on your needs. Also, the professionals give assurance of your safety once the bolt gets installed.

What Are The Benefits Of High-Security Locks?

The high-security locks are more advanced and superior to traditional bolts. These bolts have some benefits that users should know about before buying, which include:

  • Drill Resistance

If you own a traditional bolt, the most common way for a burglar to enter the premises is by drilling into the lock. In contrast, high-security locks feature rigid drill plates and steel ball bearings that protect against drilling.

  • Heavy Material

Some bolts are made of light material like plastic, and some are hollow from the inside, making these bolts weak and doubtful. The high-security locks of heavy materials enhance the protection of the premises because of their strength. 

  • Patented Key Blanks

Standard lock keys are easy to copy at any key store or by any locksmith that has his hand on a copy. In contrast, high-security locks have patented keyways that can only be duplicated at specific places.

Why Are High-Security Locks Superior From Standard Locks?

High-security locks are expensive to install but are stronger and more protective. These locks bring peace to the owner by protecting the premises more than a standard lock can. Also, high-security locks are hard and made of heavy materials to resist drilling and other external forces.

These locks have advanced keys that can not be copied by any locksmith or at key stores. One has to contact an authorized agent or a manufacturer for key copying, as these bolts come with patented key blanks. These advanced security locks include bolts, deadbolts, and access control systems. 

From Where To Get High-Security Locks Installed?

Safety Locksmith is a place to consider if you are looking for high-security lock installation for your home or business. We are licensed to provide you with an advanced, high-tech, patented-design lock for complete protection in your place. Also, in our wide collection of high-Security locks, there are cylinder locks, padlocks, deadbolts, and more.

We have a collection of all standard and advanced tools used for installation based on the lock type. Also, all our high-security locks are qualitative and affordable. All our high-security bolts are from the topmost manufacturer. And our installation services are for institutional, commercial, residential, and industrial areas. Moreover, our professional high-security lock installation services offer the complete security and convenience you seek. 

Types Of High-Security Locks We Provide

Let’s review the types of high-security locks we provide our clients. Choose any of them for your residential or commercial premises and add an extra layer of security to them.

Jimmy Proof Deadlock


Schlage Deadbolt


Medeco Deadbolt


Combination Lock



High-security locks are premium and high-tech bolts. They have heavy mechanisms, drill resistance, or advanced keys. Also, these bolts have auto-locking mechanisms and drill resistance and come with advanced keys. These high-security locks include padlocks, cylinders, and deadbolts.

Safety Locksmith is one of the leading locksmiths in New York. It offers one of the best and safest high-security lock installations. We have a team of trained and experienced locksmiths. They have the knowledge to deal with every lock type, from standard to advanced. Also, we have a collection of premium, high-security locks from which you can choose according to your preference. Calling out to us will help you ensure the extra safety of your premises, including homes and offices, at very reasonable prices. To learn more about our services, contact us at 212-534-7547 or

Frequently Asked Questions:

Safety is the top priority of every business because of the higher traffic. Also, they are more vulnerable to safety risks. Thus, it is important to install high-security systems on commercial properties. Safety Locksmith provides the best commercial high-security lock installations in New York. It gives your business the security it deserves.

Yes, installing high-security locks is worth it because of the increased security they offer the premises. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, installing high-security locks is the best method of defense against break-ins. Always go for Grade 1 locks because they are great at resisting the greatest levels of external force over time.

Among all kinds of locks, a deadbolt is one of the most secure for home safety as it is very sturdy and hard to break. Also, the lock comes in two types: single-cylinder and double-cylinder. 

The high-security bolts withstand external attacks from drilling. Also, they do not break easily. Several bolts feature a tough metal case, unique metal pins, and disks where the drill must pierce. Moreover, some locks even have a metal covering that protects them on their own.

Installing home security locks can cost a homeowner about $330. Although, on average, the charges vary from $200 to $460.


High-Security Locks Installation In Homes & Offices (NYC)

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