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Affordable Commercial Safe Installation Service In NYC

Setting up a business takes a lot of time and effort. To ensure it is safe and secure from any danger, you should be ready with all the security precautions. These days, commercial theft is very common. Generally, it happens when convicts target the company to get money and essential data.

All these things can have a really bad effect on your business and its functions. In addition, this can also result in big financial losses that sometimes make it difficult to recover. Commercial safes are important to protect your valuable items from theft. These safes help to prevent unauthorized access as they can only be opened by a combination key or code.

Want to know more about commercial safes and things like where to find the best commercial safe installation service in NYC? Let’s find out.

Why Does Your Business Need A Commercial Safe?

Commercial safes provide extra security for valuable items like CCTV monitoring and burglar alarms. Commercial safes play an important role in keeping burglars away. If you own a business, you will know “commercial burglary.”

Most businesses experience theft of cash, important data, and documents, which is, of course, not a pleasant thing. And in all this loss, businesses need time to recover, but sadly, sometimes situations get worse, and the harm is irreparable. That is why commercial safety is important for businesses to keep valuables safe.

Why Is There a Need for a Professional to Install a Commercial Safe?

Installing a commercial safe seems to be easy and affordable. You can try to install it professionally with the help of DIY methods. But, if, by chance, anything goes wrong during the process, you have to spend more money compared to hiring a professional.

So, if you do not want to spend more, get help from the professionals. When you have experienced personal assistance, you can expect to get work done flawlessly and quickly. A professional can install the commercial safe without making any mess. Other than the installation process, they can also help you choose the design as per your preference.

What Does Safety Locksmith Guarantee With Commercial Safe Installation Service?

With us, you will get the best assistance to install commercial safes and safeguard your office from intruders. Here is what we offer to our customers during the installation of commercial safes.

High-Quality Material

Our professionals use high-quality materials to ensure the safe stays durable for years.

Transparent Services

We provide transparent services to our customers. There will be no hidden and additional charges. Additionally, we provide a proper estimation to our customers for better understanding.

We Do Not Compromise On Quality

We do not worry about the complexity of the work, and our team will provide the best possible service without compromising on quality.

Types Of Commercial Safe We Offer

Our commercial safe can protect your valuable items from theft. Moreover, our safes are also fireproof. We provide a wide range of safes to meet your business security needs. You will find the latest locking mechanisms, designs, and more in our safes.

Security Safe


You can use this security safe on an everyday basis. The features you will get in this safe are:

  • Half cubic feet
  • Full-alloy body
  • It is sturdy
  • Looks attractive

You can store items up to 18 pounds. Moreover, in the front, you will also get an advanced electronic locking system. To know whether the lock is locked, it has an indicator light that will tell you. In addition, you will also get emergency keys, which can be beneficial if you forget passcodes.

Wall Safe


This single door provides the next level of security for your valuable items. Whether you want to keep your jewelry, luxury watches, or antique items, it is suitable.

Features you will get in this wall safe:

  • The alloy steel of this safe is durable and offers you a large space to keep your items.
  • You will get a digital lock system that can easily be programmed with three to eight codes.
  • The audible alarm will warn you whenever someone tries to enter the wrong passcode.
  • It is a perfect safe for your business.

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Combination Safe


You can set your combination lock in this safe with rounded dial numbers. You will get two compartments to keep your valuable things. The safe’s front handle has a good grip to lock and unlock the safe. The steel body of the safe is durable and scratch-resistant. Moreover, you will also get pre-drilled holes for the wall mountain and floor process.

Electronic Safe


This safe has a compact design, which makes it suitable for storing legal documents and cash. The laser-cut steel surface of the safe is hard to break. Moreover, the electronic lock of the system accepts up to 5 digits. You can unlock the safe even during an emergency using a manual key.

Depository Safe


This depository safe has six different digital locking codes. It is perfect for office purposes. You can even set individual codes in this safe. You get good space to keep your files, cash, and bills. The thick steel body of the safe makes the locking system more secure.

Fire Resistant


This safe is the next level safe. You get a bigger space to keep the valuables. The safe is durable and has a fire-resistant coating. With a smart locking system, you can keep all your documents in one place. Even in the higher temperatures of 2000°F, the safe works perfectly.

Floor Safe


With the help of the pre-drilled bolts, you can easily install it within the floor. The floor safe lock comes with a combination lock. The safe’s outer body is alloy steel with a water-resistant coating. You can easily keep your cash and documents in this safe.

Gun Safe


This gun safe provides enough space to keep different sizes of guns. The safe’s outer body is fireproof and can survive higher temperatures. The solid steel lock can easily withstand burglary or theft attacks.

Water Resistant


This waterproof safe keeps your valuable items safe and secure. The outer part of the safe is made of high-quality, water-resistant steel. It comes with a digital locking system. Moreover, you can set a unique passcode with a two-way unlocking system.

Where To Get The Best Commercial Safe Installation In NYC?

Are you a business owner looking for a safe to protect your money and important documents from burglaries? Consider Safety Locksmith! Our team of professionals provides top-notch commercial safe installation service in NYC. Moreover, our team will also assist you in choosing the right commercial safe type according to your requirements. Call Safety Locksmith today at +1 212-534-7547 and get the best commercial safe installation service in NYC.

Affordable Commercial Safe Installation Service In NYC

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